Vauxhall Motability Gives the Less Able a Helping Hand

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Nationwide car retailer DickensGroup to supply big Vauxhall motability contract

Wrexham, United Kingdom, August 2nd, 2010 – The Motability scheme has really started to take off. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Motability is a sort of lease hire system aimed at disabled and less able people. The idea is to give them ownership of brand new cars, which have been specifically modified to meet their needs: or which can legally be driven by up to three carers, allowing the owner, the disabled person, to get around as much as possible. Nationwide car giant DickensGroup ( has just picked up the Vauxhall Motability contract, which empowers them to provide motoring assistance to thousands of residents along the length and breadth of the country.

“We’re delighted to help,” said a spokeswoman for the Dickens Group. “We believe that the Motability scheme is one of the most important things to have happened in equal opportunities motoring – and it’s a pleasure to be able to give some assistance.”
Vauxhall, in partnership with the Dickens Group, have made a range of brand new models available to the Motability scheme: and as an added bonus, the DickensGroup have opted to fund front and rear parking sensors on all Vauxhall Motability cars, which means their less able customers will get even more for the same low price. The site is full of information for drivers interested in the Motability scheme, so they don’t even need to spend time researching its implications before they decide to take advantage of it. And with DickensGroup forecourts located all over the country, there really is a Motability centre near everyone.

The benefits for the retailer, of course, are in there somewhere too. The fleet of Vauxhalls in question is subsidised by scheme money – and, because all the vehicles are being used mainly for short trips, every Vauxhall Motability car stands to last for some time. Everyone, clearly, is a winner.

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About DickensGroup
DickensGroup is a nationwide network of car retailers uniquely associated with Vauxhall Motability. They also deal in used Peugeot cars and provide lucrative motability schemes to help less able people get new cars at discounted rates.