Drip Irrigation Systems Leading the Environmental Change Market

Amazon Irrigation Ltd provides garden watering kits and irrigation systems. Their extensive product range includes sprayers, drip irrigation systems, sprinklers and watering kits for indoor as well as hanging baskets and lawns.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Revolutionary new garden watering techniques are allowing British gardeners to beat the hosepipe ban for good – and making a packet for Amazon Irrigation.

Essex, United Kingdom, August 2nd, 2010 – Top UK garden irrigation supplier Amazon Irrigation has reported soaring sales of their Claber drip irrigation systems, as the new environmental consciousness takes hold of the British consumer.

There’s always been a battle between the needs of the garden and the requirements of bodies set up to regulate the precious natural resources gardens need to grow: now that battle looks like it might be coming to an amicable end, thanks to Claber’s affordable technology and Amazon Irrigation’s excellent promotional record.

Drip irrigation lets gardeners utilise water to the full potential. That’s because drip irrigation systems deliver only single droplets of water at critical points around the garden (usually in flower beds, potted borders and hanging baskets): completely removing the need to use watering cans, sprinklers, and other water wasting methods of garden feeding. It sounds expensive, as any new technology does – but, according to Amazon Irrigation’s spokes person, a gardener can get a starter drip irrigation kit on their site (www.amazon-irrigation.com) for as little as £20. When one takes into account the amount of water drip irrigation systems save, that’s like getting money for old rope. And, according to the same source, if everyone were to use even these starter level drip irrigation kits in their baskets, pots and borders, the annual impact made by gardening on the water table would be slashed to a negligible amount.

Claber’s kits are easy to install and use: the starter version is powered by a simple garden tap. There’s no excuse, then, for British gardeners to ignore the environmental revolution any longer. No need, either, for the lobbyists to worry about hosepipe bans. With Amazon Irrigation and Claber making the new technology available for less than the price of a decent hose, the future of gardening is happening right now.

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