Free Puzzle Games Recently Released by GameiMax for Android

Latest puzzles games developed by GameiMax, its completely free to download.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – 6-08-2014 Ahmedabad/Gujrat – There are four latest Android puzzles games available to free download from play store for young children. Puzzle games are helps to make children’s mind sharp.

The name of the games like which described here are "Put the Candy", "Connect the Button", "Life of Mouse", & "Car Parking Puzzle"
Life of Mouse

Life of Mouse strikes a balance between challenge and fun, but it good fit for all type of players the intuitive will feel natural regardless of skill levels. There are DOZENS of Mini - Games in one exclusive game. The game is of 30 ACTION PACKED MINI-GAMES, badges, and more!

Put The Candy

Put the Candy is about to move, drop and swap the candy. Three or more candy of the same kind is appearing in which the objective is to put all candies in their correspondent spots by pushing them. The game is available in 20+ different difficulties.

Connect the Buttons

Kids will be happy by playing the most amazing puzzle game Connect the Buttons. The game has two modes such as "Single Player Mode" and "Multiplayer Mode". Players have to connect given buttons in grid to make the boxes of color. Connect any 2 dots together, but only in horizontal or vertically.

Car Parking Puzzle

Car Parking is very addictive puzzle game. During the rush hour there are many too many cars in the parking area. The task is to don't crash with each other and park all the cars in the matched colored parking. Players have to simply move the cars by sliding them. There are many challenging levels inside the game from very easy to extreme difficult.

Founder of GameiMax said "I recommend all described puzzle games to play, developed with lots of easy to difficult interesting features"

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