Most Versatility and Accurate Functionality of Citizen Automatic Watches

This Citizen womens watches is one of those that can take beatings and show up shiny for the party afterwards.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Montvale, New Jersey – This is a question that comes up every now and then. From time to time, people get the itch to find a watch that will serve them everywhere, from the local coffee shop to the coffee board. They will seek digital accuracy in mechanical movements; spend a ton and then will get the itch revived, again. In that case, even a reputed brand like Citizen will disappoint you, despite its high end offerings, especially the high end automatics. It’s a part of their U.S. lineup, vastly different from their Eco-Drive and other quartz models and pleasantly surprises them without the OCD on total accuracy. The Signature Series is its topmost, with very high degrees of detail-oriented hand-craftsmanship. For example, the Grand Classic automatic. The most traditional of the lot but fits both sporty and dressy surroundings. If you wanted something more affordable and dressier, the Citizen Automatic NP1000-55A NP1000 and the Citizen Automatic NP3000-54A NP3000 might come as bright choices.

The entire Citizen mechanical collection doesn’t only represent how classic and modern design should blend but also showcases some of the finest examples in the extreme sports arena. These are more than pretension and sometimes even epitomes of what a dive watch should be. But above all, Citizen brings the option to shun expensive watches that you don't really want to use in rough environments .

This Citizen womens watches is one of those that can take beatings and show up shiny for the party afterwards. Apart from telling you the time underwater, its heft and solidity ensures you can knock down a mid-size aquatic predator with it or even crack a few crabs in the beach party. That’s versatility, at its rudimentary form. What seems to put it ahead from many others in terms of diving safety is it allows hand winding, which means you can be fully sure it will keep ticking underwater. Automatic winding is not as effective under water as on land; the arms move a lot slower.

But what if you just want to watch time while diving or on a shoestring budget? The Citizen eco drive mens watches is a better choice in that case. It can break oysters, that’s all, or, maybe a couple of bad weaklings.

To sum up on the most versatile and accurate Citizen automatic watches:

• Know that their share is minimal in the Citizen watch line. They are hard to come by.

• You must be clear on its primary purpose i.e. if you are into diving, go for a Diver and not after a minute repeater.

• Citizen automatic watches run on Citizen’s proprietary movements – The Miyota under caliber numbers 8203, 4166, 9015, 9100, 90S5...and so on. But they all are impressive in their quality, function and appearance.