VoSD announces the world’s first app for stray dog rescue VoSD Rescue App Release ChammC version 1.0

VoSD Rescue App (Release ChammC version 1.0)” Through this App, downloadable on the Google Play Store,users can request the rescue of stray dogs in Bangalore.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Bangalore, karnataka, – For the uninitiated, VoSD runs the most sophisticated stray dog rescue operation in India with every stage automated and documented; a no refusal policy and a near 100% pick up rate! And true to form, with the launch of this App, VoSD takes another step forward in its continued endeavour to impact the lives of thousands of street dogs in Bangalore.

‘The Voice of Stray Dog’ Rescue App is integrated with ‘The VoSD Rescue CRM v3.0’, a sophisticated rescue response system conceptualized and created by VoSD. The App itself allows a user to:
- generate a rescue request for a street dog in trauma
- generate a request to seek legal help
- generate a request to seek blood from the VoSD Canine Blood Bank
- generate a request for adoption of a VoSD rescue
- access key VoSD Standard Operating Procedures from within the app
- call VoSD 1-800 helpline number from within the app
- search rescue case numbers from within the app
- access VoSD resources such as VoSD Store, VoSD website, FB, Twitter pages etc.

While accessing the App the first time, the user needs to register with the right credentials (email/phone/address). Post verification, the user can do any of the above, and it becomes really a one-step access point for all things VoSD, making the rescue process simple, quick and efficient.

VoSD has been always been unprecedented in how it addresses critical care for ownerless street dogs. With the launch of this App, VoSD continues in its tradition and adds one more to its long list of firsts: the first canine blood bank 100% free for stray dogs, introduction of a single toll-free number for easy rescue and an upgraded ‘feature-heavy’ CRM 3.0, amongst others.

*The VoSD Stray Dog Rescue App can be downloaded here http://goo.gl/gYpd7N

About VoSD:
‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ is India’s largest & most efficient privately run dog rescue service for stray dogs– and completely free. VoSD is a privately run not for profit organization, and runs the world’s largest website and repository of legal, data analysis and investigative information on stray dogs on www.strays.in. VoSD provides state of the art services; a trauma centre, a single toll free number, a unique CRM based tracking & despatch system, 3 dedicated rescue vehicles, and we provide modern vet services including MRIs, X-rays, diagnostics, sophisticated surgery and rehabilitation to the dog on the street. The infrastructure, built purely on its own resources, is run by a dedicated team of full time individuals and committed volunteers. Some of what VoSD does can be seen at –
web : www.strays.in
Facebook: www.facebook.com/strays.in
Google+: https://www.google.com/+StraysIn