Adding More to the Memorabilia of Time- Through Eternity Celebrated their 15 Years of Success

24 July was marked as a special day for the entire team of Through Eternity who celebrated their 15-year anniversary.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Rome/Italy – “The traveler who has contemplated the ruins of ancient Rome may conceive some imperfect idea of the sentiments which they must have inspired when they reared their heads in the splendor if unsullied beauty.” – Edward Gibbon.

There’s something in the history of Rome that makes it great and attracts thousands of visitors each other. When you reach Rome you will understand to yourself that you’ve finally managed to reach the capital of the World and now you is the time for you to see all the dream of your youth coming to life.

And, Through Eternity provides you an access to that part of Rome that the stories won’t dictate. With them you can understand the meaning of real Rome and they’ll show you what Rome is all about. For more than a decade the team of Through Eternity has managed to pass all odds and reach a position where they can vouch their services.

The Occasion!

24 July was marked as a special day for the entire team of Through Eternity who celebrated their 15-year anniversary. The celebration included the office staff, tour guides and the many people who have worked exclusively with them for all these years.

Their Journey So Far- A Flashback!

Success comes gradually and demands a lot of effort and dedication. Certainly the team of Through Eternity has readily worked around the clock and has managed to deliver some extraordinary results to their client which is the reason they stand tall today.

Since 1999 their philosophy was to slow down and consume the time needed to immerse their clients in the stories of the places they tour. One of the first tours that they ever offered was undoubtedly ground breaking and it included a five-hour in-depth exploration of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. They were constantly guided by the belief to think ahead of the crowd and heed the needs of a visitor. Their aim wasn’t to check off the list but to truly stop by the ancient places and spend some time to savor and appreciate. Ever since that time we have successfully provided clients with the following two types of tours:

1. Group Tours

2. Private Tours

How We Managed to Reach This Far.

• Our unparallel devotion to bring visitors a truly in-depth experience.

• Dedicated and passionate guides; all of whom are professional experts in their fields.

• Several years of on-the-ground logistical coordination and a truly dedicated staff.

• Consistently garnering the 5-star reviews of our loyal and highly engaged clients.

But this journey is not the yet, rather it marks the start of another era and the entire team of Through Eternity Tours look forward to an ever-brighter future in bringing history alive for our clients. You can know more about us by logging on to

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