Apps Mav Launches Group Deals Social Commerce Tool for Businesses

Apps Mav launches group deals social commerce tool for businesses

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – New South Wales, Australia – It is no secret how competent and effective social media marketing can be for your business. It can boost your business by increasing the spectrum of your target audience, and its sheer scale is gigantic - opening up a larger audience pool for brands readily. While Facebook Marketing has been mostly limited to gaining Fans, and engagement, the tide is slowly but surely shifting to the need of the hour - social commerce - and at the head of this movement is Apps Mav with their variety of social commerce tools.

Among so many businesses present online, only a few have made a mark. One of the primary reasons accounted for this is poor fan engagement - which is essentially due to an offering that doesn’t appeal to its audience. Most Facebook business pages lack the zing factors, which sets them apart from the rest. It is for this reason; most businesses on Facebook conduct online campaigns to increase their visibility, promote their brand and connect with fans and customers.

In a bid to take these campaigns into overdrive and making them more ROI-driven, Apps Mav has launched a Group Deals Facebook app to enhance business pages. Easy to install and manage, this innovative app kick starts the promotion campaign within minutes of installation. The concept is simple - brand can offer new deals everyday, however, the deals only unlock after a pre-defined number of users sign up for the deal, resulting in viral amounts of sharing. The app is also fan-gated, ensuring that visitors become Fans prior to registering for the deal.

Offer Group Deals on Facebook is an exciting new to offer Fans novel deals while ensuring further awareness of your latest products. Lead generation is a key feature of this app that makes it an important tool for branding. The participant’s data is automatically collected in the admin area and can be used for remarketing in the future.

Apps Mav’s social commerce offerings also include the Facebook Shop app which allows businesses to sell on Facebook and accept payments instantly, and securely, via PayPal. Subscribing to one app opens access to the entire range of Apps Mav’s tools which also allow brand to run contests, sweepstakes, social games, and more.

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Maverick Mav, the brainchild behind Apps Mav have gained a reputation of merging big ideas with amazing Facebook Apps. Our highly interactive off-the-shelf Facebook Apps have revolutionised the way people conceived social media marketing. Backed by Maverick Mav’s expertise and experience, Apps Mav is dedicated to supporting your business goals and to helping you grow your business via Social Media and Facebook Marketing.

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