DORO® Teflon®- and DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamps now available in QR3 design

pro med instruments (PMI) launches DORO® Teflon® Skull Clamp and DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp in QR3 design.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Freiburg / Germany – pro med instruments (PMI) launches DORO® Teflon® Skull Clamp and DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp in QR3 design. QR3 offers the best solution for the most secure, strong and stable connection of accessories on a skull clamp, even over multiple layers of sterile drape.
DORO® Teflon®- and DORO® Multi-Purpose Headrest Systems are me-chanical support systems which are used in head and neck surgery, allow-ing the patient’s head to be positioned and secured during surgery. They are used for cranial fixation and positioning of the patient in diverse posi-tions.
The DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp Aluminum was successfully launched in Oc-tober 2011 and was responded by very positive feedback from the market. By adapting its state-of-the-art Quick-Rail® design – the QR3 – to the DO-RO® Teflon® and Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp series, all the beneficial fea-tures become available for this further range of DORO® products.
For example the QR3 is Navigation-Ready. Navigation adaptors can easily be attached to the starbursts integrated in the Quick-Rail®, allowing the direct attachment of movement-sensitive navigation tracking devices close-ly to the patient’s head.
Due to the wider and deeper Quick-Rail® the surgeon can effortlessly lo-cate the Quick-Rail® under the surgical drapes during procedure to securely attach accessories directly to the skull clamp. The clear and large interface for connections saves time and effort.
Teflon® makes the skull clamp autoclavable
The PMI exclusive coating of the DORO® Teflon® Headrest System allows it to be reprocessed in an automated washer/disinfector. The complete headrest system conforms to the Infection Control Guidelines of the WHO, is machine washable, disinfectable and autoclavable.
One Skull Clamp - multiple possibilities
The special interfaces and the head support of the DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp offer the possibility to attach both, skull pins and/or gel pads to the skull clamp. This modularity allows rigid fixation with three or four skull pins as well as non-invasive positioning with up to three gel pads. The use of four skull pins reduces the pressure of the individual skull pin which may be highly advantageous in pediatric applications.
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