Innovative Online Art Platform Announces The Launch Of 'Owlstand' Unique Viewing Experience

A London based art specialist company has developed a unique platform for showcasing quality artwork, past and present, from across the world.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – London – The service provides a gallery experience through the internet and utilises technology to keep art pieces in their original shape and ratio.

'Owlstand' is a play on words, “owl + stand”, meaning perspicacity (owl is the bird of Minerva) and stand, meaning a booth in an exhibition area. The company’s main aim is to offer online visitors a platform from which to view and appreciate artwork from all periods and all countries, which mimics the reality of an art gallery. When work is uploaded to the site, they take care to maintain the shape and proportion of each piece so that people perceive the work in the form it is supposed to be.

Each art collection has its own exhibition area on the 'Owlstand' website. Within the collection, artwork is showcased side by side as would be seen in a real gallery. Viewers can find out about the artist and origin of each piece by clicking on the ‘information’ button. They can also comment on and ‘like’ artwork that particularly captures their interest.

'' is currently showcasing work by illustrious artists from the past including Diego Velazquez and Henri Rousseau, however it also exhibits modern pieces from across the globe. The company is keen for established and budding artists to create an account and upload their own collections to the site. Standard exhibition viewing rooms are free of charge but users can upgrade at a small cost.

'Owlstand' developed their online viewing platform with a passion for sharing new and contemporary art around the globe. To begin viewing their true to life exhibitions, visit where you can also sign up to display your own collections. For further questions, email the team at