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Join the future Online Professional Development and Training: interpersonal, projectbased, access to all online resources and more, with the learner

Online PR News – 06-August-2014 – Santa Rosa, CA – USA and Brazil, August 05, 2014 -- Overwhelmed by a tidal wave of online video courses for professional development? Good training is important, saves money heartache and time. But the “teacher knows, so sit down passively and listen” approach is boring. Rather than just imitate textbooks and boring lectures, the Uncorporate Academy is evolving, taking advantage of all the capabilities of the internet to provide a new, more effective online professional development and training resource.

“What matters is the learner, and their need to learn,” says Dan Strongin, the Uncorporate Consultant. “People need more than just passively watching a video, seminar or webinar. They need doing and getting feedback, and sharing with others. Real learning is an interplay between the learner and someone who has been there, and done it, and knows how to teach.

The Uncorporate Academy’s newest training resource lets the learner define a Learning Project that meets their needs, (things like “better inventory skills" or "people skills" or “communication”), or follow one of our pre-defined learning tracks, even get help choosing.

They can use any or all of our online resources, other resources and more: discuss, debate, ask questions, share as they see fit, anonymously if they wish. If they choose, write a final report, and if accepted, get a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Even, get more deeply engaged, choosing personal guidance through the entire process, or enjoy open access, 24/7 online, without doing a project.

In return for joining early, during this promotion, and sharing feedback, pay only $19 a month, far less than people who join after the development phase, and much less than those who opt for guidance. And you will keep this same low price, even if you leave and then come back. But hurry, the promotion is available only through August 31.
Among the resources already available or are soon to be released on the site are:

• How to Train On the Job
• Learning to Predict
• Organize Your Workspace
• Bring A Product to Market
• How to Delegate Authority
• Solve Problems
• Manage Projects
• Orient New Employees
• Conduct Meetings
• For the full list go here(

Mr. Strongin explains, “At the Uncorporate Academy we are changing our ground game for online professional development and training to project driven, student directed, online learning.” For more information go to or click here: Make Work Better

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