Colorado Dermatology Institute Brings Medical Education to Colorado Springs

An interview with Dr Reagan Anderson about the Dermatology Residency Program in Colorado Springs

Online PR News – 06-August-2014 – Colorado Springs, CO – Dr. Reagan Anderson, founder of Colorado Dermatology Institute in Colorado Springs, sat down to discuss the Dermatology Residency program co-sponsored by Colorado Dermatology Institute and Rocky Vista University in Parker, Colorado. Now in its second year, the Residency was the first Dermatology Residency in Southern Colorado and the second in the state. It brings much needed formal medical training in Dermatology to Colorado Springs which has been underserved in terms of medical education.
Question: Why is a Residency important?
Dr. Anderson: “It’s no secret there’s a huge shortage of physicians in this country, and it’s only going to get worse. Informed patients want to see a Board Certified physician and all physicians who wish to become Board Certified in their specialty must graduate from an accredited Residency in that specialty. In the case of Dermatology, the acute shortage of physicians is compounded by a shortage of Dermatology Residency programs which are among the most competitive Residencies to attend. What that creates is a Catch-22 type situation. The country needs more Dermatologists but physicians wishing to specialize in Dermatology have difficulty finding a Residency they can attend. In fact, Dermatology is among the most underserved specialties and as already stated, there is a critical lack of Dermatology Residency programs. I believe the solution to this has to come from the physicians and not just the government. For this reason I funded the first year of the Residency out-of-pocket. From this point on, funding for the Residency is being provided by the government.
Question: Why is the Dermatology Residency important for Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado?
Dr. Anderson: The Residency is important to our community for two primary reasons. First, it is a pathway for Dermatologists trained in the most current procedures that may choose to stay here and provide additional Dermatology services. Second, Colorado Springs is, as far as I’m aware, the largest city in America to be without a significant medical education component, which is a big problem. Having a Dermatology Residency program here helps redress that issue and will also make Colorado Springs a more attractive location for additional Residencies in other specialties.
Question: How many Residents will the Residency train?
Dr. Anderson: We are approved for a total of three Residents. We take one per year so at the end of three years we will graduate our first Resident. From that point on we plan to have three Residents in training.
About Colorado Dermatology Institute
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