Gary Shoats Provides Excellent Golf Tips For Beginners

This press release informs the readers that Gary Shoats provides excellent golf tips for beginners.

Online PR News – 06-August-2014 – United States – Golf is one of the most popular games across the globe. It is played both recreationally and professionally by golfers. As with all games, one improves their skills through practice, persistence, and regular playing. Beginners can benefit with tips from people who have been playing golf regularly. A person can learn a few things by trial and error but then it is not possible to become a good player like this. He offers the following tips for beginners.

Apart from the driving range, your back yard is another great place to practice a swing, although you obviously don't want to be hitting real golf balls.

Try to get in the habit of placing your right shoulder under your chin before looking for where the ball goes.

A proper, balanced position should be 90% on the left foot, and 10% on the right toe

Taking a small of chunk of grass with your shot is good because that means you are hitting at the right angle.

Technique, strategy, and mental stability are just as much a part of golf and you should work hard to improve all of these.

By practicing putts with your eyes shut, it's easier to feel body movements.

Taking a few putts on the practice green before beginning play can give you an advantage to reading the speed of the greens.

About Gary Shoats

Gary Shoats is a avid professional golfer and is well known in his local area for offering the best golfing lessons. He takes this job very seriously as he believes that he could be training a major league golfer any time. He lives with his wife and two children and enjoys bike riding when has some time to spare.