System security, scalability and support prompts NMP to opt for Docebo

When New Market Partners realized that it had to deliver its training programs online, it chose the Docebo E-Learning Platform to help it do so.

Online PR News – 06-August-2014 – Naples, Italy – When New Market Partners (NMP), a USA-based program services company focusing on the financial services sector, realized that increases in demand for its training programs meant that it had to deliver those programs online, it chose the Docebo E-Learning Platform to help it do so.

As part of its delivery model, NMP provides a comprehensive training program to its client organizations. The training program – covering operational and sales training, including how-to serve customers and how to use the technology and other outsourced services to perform customer transactions - is intended for bank frontline tellers and branch personnel.

Last year, NMP acquired a US-based banking client which has some 1,100 frontline staff in some 300 branches. This was a larger number of staff and branches than NMP had been providing training for - but this contract was indicative of NMP partnering with increasingly larger banks.

Foreseeing that it could be training over 50,000 learners within the next two to three years, NMP realized that it needed to use the latest online learning delivery technologies - and put in place a scalable model for its training program.

This prompted it to look for a technology partner – and its exhaustive selection process led NMP to Docebo, the global E-Learning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider.

“Our clients are United States’ financial institutions. They’re highly regulated and sensitive to the economy,” said Mario Marin, NMP’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. “So information security is vital for everyone we deal with.

“We need to prove to them that the LMS provider we select can keep all the training content and the learners’ information secure. We also need to be able to show that no information about the client ends up on the LMS provider’s database.

“In Docebo’s case, not only are we able to prove this but we can also point to Docebo’s impressive US-based client list to give the company added credibility with our clients.”

It’s early days so far, with just the first 1,000 users on the system. Typically, these users are field personnel, such as tellers, head tellers and branch managers, although some are personal bankers, regional managers and commercial sales executives.

Mario commented: “Docebo is easy to work with – and we see our relationship as being partners, rather than as a client-and-vendor, and we very much want it to be a win-win relationship.

“We believe that the Docebo LMS has a great deal of value to add to NMP’s operations. The Docebo platform and support services are important components in our future training operations and have much to offer our client financial institutions. ”

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About NMP
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA, New Market Partners (NMP) is a program services company, focusing on the bank channel. Formed in the early years of this century, NMP works with banks and credit unions, in the United States of America, to launch and market new products to help these organizations develop new revenue streams. In particular, NMP helps banks add services that fall under the category of alternative financial services. Typically, this refers to cash-based or immediate payment services – and, now, to mobile and digital banking services that were, traditionally, unavailable as part of a bank product suite.

About Docebo
Docebo is a worldwide, and is sold in more than 65 countries around the world. The Docebo LMS disruptive Cloud E-Learning solutions provider that is revolutionizing the online training market with its Software as a Service Learning Management System. Established in 2005, Docebo has over 28,000 installations offers an enterprise solution for mid-sized to large organizations. Customers benefit from Docebo solutions thanks to a scalable pricing model, a third party integration (via API), and reliable service available 24/7 to further enhance the user experience.

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