Paul Greene Wireless Offers Advice for Securing the Right People for Your Company

Paul Greene Wireless, a business professional, is no stranger to the hiring process. He understands the steps companies need to take in order to ensure

Online PR News – 05-August-2014 – Rockville, MD – There is no doubt as to how challenging it can really be to get just the right person into your workforce. The hiring process is a complex one, and, if performed inadequately or incorrectly, can lead to a very costly mistake for your organization.

Paul Greene Wireless is responsible for some of the most successful wireless service providers in the country, something, as he knows, that would have been impossible if not for the care taken to secure the best, most qualified people. Hiring somebody new is an investment, as he knows, requiring a serious and comprehensive approach to the hiring process. Paul Greene Wireless works with his hiring staff to ensure that only the best investments make it through, providing both him and his companies with some of the most productive and profitable teams in the industry.

Paul Greene Wireless understands the hiring process can be a tricky and challenging process, which is why he takes care to provide employers with some useful advice on creating a more productive, and eventually profitable, hiring team.

Define the Open Position

Companies need to first establish what the open position actually is, what it requires, the responsibilities involved, etc., before reaching out to the job candidate community. Be careful to analyze the position and what it entails, says Paul Greene Wireless, before advertising the position. Knowing what is involved will help you and your team design and implement a more effective and successful recruitment strategy, one that will eventually lead to the most qualified candidate.

Plan Your Strategy

Now that you have a firm idea of what the position is, says Paul Greene Wireless, the next step is to sit down with your hiring team to hammer out the most apt and effective recruiting strategy. Be sure to get and keep the employees responsible for hiring the new person involved in this process. Have a meeting to go through the attributes needed and undesired in a job candidate.

Create a Checklist

Design a checklist, says Paul Greene Wireless, that allows you to effectively monitor the recruiting process. This checklist, if properly executed, allows you and your team to know the specifics your company is looking for in the right candidate, as well as to monitor the progress of candidates you may want to sit down for an interview in the future. A checklist provides your team an invaluable hiring reference guide.

Review Applications and Creds With Care

Now that you have a bulleted list of the things you’re looking for in the most qualified candidate, says Paul Greene Wireless, it’s time to carefully review applications to see if candidate credentials match the requirements in the job description. Matching a candidate’s credentials with your list allows you to effectively weed out the undesirables while maintaining your focus on the most-desired.


Before scheduling a one-on-one interview with a candidate, says Paul Greene Wireless, take the time to prescreen your candidates to verify their credentials, and to determine if you were correct in setting aside their resumes. A prescreening telephone interview can also be used to determine a candidate’s salary requirements, as well as their enthusiasm about the position.

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