Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless Provides Tips for Creating More Effective Blog Posts

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is a successful business professional who understands the importance of readable and effective online communication.

Online PR News – 05-August-2014 – Rockville, MD – By now you’re probably aware of the inundation of blog posts that pervade the digital sphere, most of which only receive minor glances or scans before readers move on to other web information. With the seemingly infinite number of articles and writers on the web, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, it becomes more important than ever to create a post that instantly grabs your reader’s attention, holding it at least long enough to generate interest in your topic, yourself or your business.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless understands what is needed to develop an attention-getting blog post that keeps the reader’s focus and allows him to convey his ideas both effectively and efficiently. Most mistakes bloggers make fall back to a lack of self-scrutiny or common sense, which, if employed, could have helped the blogger increase readership, interest and perhaps even the opportunity for reader loyalty.

Blogging is valuable marketing opportunity, if performed correctly. As Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless explains, there are several simple, basic and common sense things any blogger can do to increase their reach and readership.

Headlines Are Crucial

Whether you’re a writer for a newspaper, magazine, webzine or blogging site, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, the first and most important thing to consider is you’re post’s headline. The headline is the first thing everyone that clicks the link to your post will see, and the quality of your headline can easily determine how much interest and readership your post will generate. Be creative, be newsworthy, be inventive, be relevant. Give your headline the consideration it’s due.

The Shorter, the Better

Yes, it is ok to write an extensive and informative blog post, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, though shorter posts, ones that are more concise and to the point, tend to get the most attention. Remember, post size does matter, so do your best to keep your blog in a smaller range that won’t lose the reader’s attention half way through. Readers want to get to the point of your post quickly, so be careful with drawing out an idea.

Be Timely About Publishing

The time of day, as well as the day of the week, matters when it comes to publishing your post generating the most traffic to it. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless recommends posting your new post somewhere between Monday and Thursday, as web traffic tends to dip significantly over the weekend. He also suggests publishing your post at either 2pm or 5pm, the times that surfers will most likely be online with the fewest distractions.

SEO Your Post

SEO is an art, and it’s difficult to know exactly how to optimize your post in a way that will attract the most search engine attention. Do your best, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to read up and study the best current SEO techniques, as well as to always include tags with your posts and to make your headline as SEO friendly as possible. Writing strictly for SEO is one thing, but making your post SEO-friendly is a completely different ballgame.

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