Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless Offers Tips for Hiring the Most Qualified Job Candidates

Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless offers simple advice for increasing the effectiveness of your company’s hiring process.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – Rockville, MD – The search for a new job is almost never a pleasant experience, and can often test even the most resolute and professional of job candidates. Working to make the hiring and interview process more comfortable and welcoming for the candidate, as Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless knows, helps to not only ease the unnecessary tension of a job interview, but also helps to bring out the best qualities and performance of the best candidates, allowing the company to both identify the most-qualified candidates and to increase the chance that they hire the best person for the position.

Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless knows all too well how important it is to create a better experience for the aspiring job seeker, and has long striven to make both the vetting and the interview process as beneficial as possible for everyone involved. He knows that securing the right person for the position is a lot easier when the right candidate feels comfortable and at ease during the process, one reason his company is staffed with some of the best wireless and customer service professionals in the industry.

Below, Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless offers a few basic tips for taking a smarter and more effective approach to hiring, ensuring that your company get the best people in the right positions as soon as possible.

Remove As Much Friction as Possible

Sometimes the best possible candidates shy away from a company because of the entanglements or hassles during the application process. It’s important, says Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless, to take as much of this friction and hassle out of this process, ensuring that avoidable snags or hang ups don’t interfere with getting the right candidates in for the interview. After an application is filled and submitted, he says, be sure to follow up with a simple email and/or phone call to convey mutual interest. It also helps, says Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless, to make an easy-to-access mobile application that expedites the process altogether.

Be Communicative

Responsiveness is important to job candidates, who are typically spending much of their time waiting to see if their effort was really worth it. Don’t avoid communication with job candidates. Though maybe time-consuming, says Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless, it’s important to keep your candidates updated on where they stand, how they fare against other candidates. Not hearing back from a potential employer, he says, leads to frustration and the sense they are being treated badly. Stay in communication with candidates that could be valuable company assets in the future.

Be Honest

Do your best to be upfront with every candidate. As Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless understands, no professional likes to be led on by wishy-washy hiring managers, so be sure to tell a prospective candidate if they aren’t the right fit as soon as possible. Treat these professionals with the respect they deserve. Chances are, the sooner you respond, the less likely they will be unsatisfied with your company’s process.

Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless knows that securing the right people isn’t always easy, but steps can be taken to improve your company’s chances of filling an empty position with the best and most-qualified candidate possible.

About: Paul Greene of Cintex Wireless is the leader of several wireless companies, and works with people that share his company’s values.