Agni Creative is an online service which aims to help individuals and organizations

Agni creative is a relatively new online service which aims to explore an unaddressed need of individuals and organizations via the use of social media. It aims to do so using the concept of ‘Cultural currency’ effectively.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – The kind of service Agni creative aims to offer is not entirely new but what is unique about this venture is its way of execution. This service is focusing on leveraging cultural currency while making use of social media for individuals and organizations.

When we are saying leveraging cultural currency we actually want to mean taking advantage of the concept of cultural currency. The term ‘cultural currency’ is used by various organizations to mean different things but Agni Creative is using the term to imply the opportunity that can be obtained taking the culture of the targeted consumer as an important base of the campaign to be done.

There are many organizations available in the market which are relatively new players in their respective domains. Perhaps, these organizations do not have enough funding to opt for expensive marketing schemes. So, these organizations can always opt for the relatively cheaper social media. But here lies a practical problem and that is most of the organizations especially the new ones do not know how to make use of the social media effectively. This has always been an unaddressed need of the start-up organizations. At this point Agni Creative can play a crucial role. Agni Creative can help these organizations by making use of the concept of ‘cultural currency’. So, in this way, Agni Creative aims to tap the cultural aspects of the potential customers while helping the organizations in making use of social media effectively.

Here, we must not forget the individuals also because there are individuals who are looking to make use of social media but they too are suffering from the same problem of having inadequate knowledge about social media. Now if you are one of those individuals, all you need to do is simply click the URL of the company Agni Creative who will surely help you out.

Now, if you are either an individual or an organization and you are looking for more information specific to your domain of interest, you can simply log into the website of Agni Creative and there you can find a tab called ‘contact’. Under that you can find an e-mail id which can be used to reach the concerned authority directly. Other than this, under the ‘Contact’ tab you can find the links corresponding to the ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ accounts of the organization ‘Agni Creative’.

In case, you have a particular query or a comment you want to leave after visiting the website, you can do so by filling up an online form where you need to put your name and e-mail id as the basic information.

So, do not hesitate. If you are someone looking for help in social media, log into the website of Agni Creative now. They will surely help you out.

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