Get the fresh taste of apple in your carbonated water, without compromising your health

Apple is a fresh taste among the selection of around 20 sugar free flavours for carbonated water available from Aromhuset. Each essence bottle contains 30ml of flavour and is enough for 15 litres of water. Liven up your water with the tart, fresh taste of apples, and even combine it with some of the other flavours!

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – Gert Strand AB is launching its range of around 20 painstakingly extracted flavours, with Apple tipped to be one of the favourites. The taste is fresh and summery, mixes well with many of the other flavours, and is an excellent addition to your carbonated water.

Adding the flavour is easy: simply use the cap of the essence bottle to measure 3ml, or the specially developed pipette that is provided with the bottle. "Add 2ml of essence per litre of water as a starting point. That will give a flavour with more strength than that found in pre-flavoured carbonated water. After that you decide yourself if you want a fuller or weaker flavour, and add the essence according to personal preferences." says Thomas Ström, salesman for Gert Strand AB.

Should you wish to mix different flavours then the process is the same, just create a balance of tastes that appeals. Apple is excellent by itself, but also works well when combined with Pear, Lemon, Vanilla, Peach or Banana. It is all down to personal taste, and whether you like your carbonated water tart or sweet.

Carbonated water is more fun to drink than regular water; the bubbles are invigorating - perfect during those lazy summer months. Carbonated water should always be drunk cold, as lower temperatures help to retain the fizz. Lukewarm water can mean the bubbles disappear quickly.

The carbonation process also means that the water holds flavour well, and in Sweden today we buy more flavoured than natural carbonated water. The range of flavours available is, compared to other lands, fairly large, yet still there are a lot of tastes missing. Not to mention the fact that there is no variation in the strength of flavours on the market. This is why Aromhuset's range is so good - you can select from around 20 flavours and mix them yourself, in the quantities you enjoy.

Another innovative aspect of Aromhuset's essences is that they are all completely sugar and artificial sweetener free. There is no need to worry about extra calories or the children's teeth, and there are no concerns about unwanted side-effects that are part and parcel of some artificial sweeteners. The flavours are carefully developed from natural elements, and this is reflected in the the taste.

Gert Strand is on the lookout for new importers for his successful and innovative essences. The demand for this type of product is high, and the time is right to build a customer base of people looking for a way to enjoy natural flavours without compromising their health.

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