High Tech Mold Detection and Removal in Manhattan

Mold emerges in significant colonies when they are presented with three factors. East Coast Mold Specialists are professional mold detection and elimination experts within New York City. The lab results will indicate the kind of mold and whether it is toxic, pathogenic or allergenic.

Online PR News – 02-August-2010 – – Mold emerges in significant colonies when they are presented with three factors. They need a food source, moisture and warmth. Private and commercial properties provide all three factors but to varying degrees during different seasons. If only two out of the three factors are present, it is still insufficient to have significant elevations in mold. However, dwellings prove to be thriving breeding grounds as all three factors are present since humans are comfortable in warm and moist habitats. The mold's other food source is provided from cellulose-based dust and materials such as drywall, natural-fibre carpets and even dead human skin.

East Coast Mold Specialists are professional mold detection and removal experts in Manhattan. They operate within the five Burroughs and provide expert mold detection and elimination services to apartments, homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, spas and other residential and commercial properties.

Technicians start with a state-of-the-art inspection of the property using infrared cameras to detect mold colonies not yet visible to the naked eye. Swabs are taken throughout the property and air quality readings are taken to detect airborne mold. These samples are then sent to special labs for analysis. Once the results are obtained, technicians will have a clear understanding of the level and type of mold in the property. This will determine how the mold is to be removed and what needs to be done in the future to reduce the mold growth. The analysis will also determine if the type of mold is toxic or otherwise. If it is determined that the problem is serious enough to warrant removal. The detailed analysis of mold found on the property will also allow the technicians to explain to the property owner, the health effects of the particular type of mold. The will also calculate the rate of growth and its severity.

The lab results also indicate whether is toxic, pathogenic or allergenic. Toxic molds produce myotoxins while a pathogenic mold affects those with compromised immune systems and allergenic molds create allergic reactions in people similar to pollen or animal allergies. If a property is found to have elevated mold infestation, disinfectant cleaning and anti fungal treatments will be recommended. East Coast Mold Specialists have various equipments and non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions to rid the property of mold and other contaminants.

The entire property is then decontaminated. The structures are examined and decontaminated as well. These mold specialists also can install dehumidifying apparatus temporarily or permanently as part of the HVAC installation if it is found that there is a constant problem with elevated humidity. In some cases, certain structures could be extremely infected beyond the point of disinfecting, in which case East Coast Mold Specialists will replace the structure and seal of the room during the process. They will also use HEPA filters to decontaminate the air in the room so that spores do not spread to other areas of the property.

East Coast Mold Specialist are New York's mold specialists. They provide an end-to-end mold solution from detection to decontamination to ongoing preventive care to commercial and private properties.