Banckle Newsletter for Month of August 2014: Providing WebRTC Support for Online Meeting

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for August 2014 announces support for major features like WebRTC support in Banckle.Meeting App.

Online PR News – 05-August-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle has announced the release of WebRTC support for conducting online meeting using Banckle.Metting App in their August 2014 newsletter. WebRTC is currently available for latest versions of Google Chrome, FireFox and Opera web browsers and you don’t need plugin now for conducting online meeting.

Read more about WebRTC Support for online meeting here:


Device Based Proactive and Automatic Invitations in Banckle.Chat

Banckle.Chat is one of the most favored cloud hosted live chat app with many beneficial and easy to use features like online chat translation, visitor monitoring, reporting system, ability to invite website visitors, demographic details of the visitors and many others.

Banckle.Chat app now allows you to invite online visitors on your website proactively or automatically based on device the visitor is using. For example, if a company has made a policy to invite only those online visitors for chat who are using desktop PC only, this means that users on mobile device cannot be invited. So, proactive invitation enables operators to view the visitor device type using Banckle.Chat monitoring tab and decide which visitor they should invite.

Product News

- New: Skype Click-To-Call Feature in Banckle.Heldesk

Banckle.Helpdesk App has added Skype Click-To-Call feature which now allows you to easily call your customers and contacts from within your helpdesk app. Banckle.Helpdesk offers many other features. You can read about those features here:

- New: Banckle.CRM New Contact Capture Notifications

You can now receive email notification for every new contact or customer added using Banckle.CRM’s contact capture web form and you can instantly get in touch with your new customer.

- New: Banckle.Email Updated Domain Verification Methods

Banckle.Email App now allows you to send and receive emails from your custom domain even if you don’t have you own web host. All you need is a domain, permissions to change DNS records and you are ready to use you domain as a web host. You can get Banckle.Email App from here:

- Update: Banckle.Chat for Shopify

Shopify e-Commerce shop owners can now chat with their online users efficiently and can also provide them real-time customer support with Banckle.Chat App.

- Update: Banckle.Chat for WordPress

Banckle live chat plugin for WordPress allow users to chat with their online visitors in a more effective way. You can get this plugin from here:

Coming Soon

- Banckle.CRM for Joomla

After releasing CRM plugin for WordPress Websites, Banckle soon will be releasing CRM plugin for Joomla websites also which will allow you to follow up with potential clients, turn them in to valued customers, better manage your sales pipeline and bring together all cloud CRM features in Joomla platform.

- Banckle.Helpdesk for Joomla

Banckle will soon release Help Desk software for Joomla Websites which will allow you to never miss a customer reported issue, create a centralized repository of all issue tickets and provide rapid solutions to users.

Community Buzz

- Banckle.Chat for Android app has been listed in the “Joomla chat module” category on

- Banckle.Chat has been listed in “Top 5 Free Web Chat apps you should try” on

- Banckle.Helpdesk plugin for WordPress has been added in the list of the “11 Most Popular WordPress LiveHelp Plugins” on

From The Library

- Use Banckle.CRM to Capture Contacts From Within Your Drupal Sites and Generate Business Leads

Banckle has released Banckle.CRM module for Drupal websites which integrates your Drupal installation and Banckle.CRM account. Using this module you can insert contact capture form in your Drupal website and generate leads which will go straight into Banckle.CRM account which is easier then copying and pasting lead information. Now you will have no more missing leads, each and every single of them will be in your Banckle.CRM account and you can do the follow up whenever you want.

To know more about how to set up and install the module please visit this page:

- How To Create A List and Add Subscribers using Banckle.Campaign for Cloud APIs

Banckle has released new Cloud API for real-time email marketing and campaign delivery known as Banckle.Campaign for Cloud API. It enables developers to create, manage, send and track email and newsletter campaigns with ease. It gives developers complete freedom to develop and enhance the capabilities of your email marketing software.

View REST code and other details here:

Product Releases and Updates

- Banckle.Chat – New: User email validation for offline messages, New: Device based proactive invitations, Update: Date ranges and chat trends improvements in reports section, chat history section improvements, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.CRM – New: Notifications for new contact from web contact capture form, Email editor enhancements, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Campaign – General fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Meeting – New: WebRTC support in meetings plus webinars, New: WebRTC cloud API support, Instant meeting and schedule meeting wizard enhancements, Meeting lobby and meeting room UI improvements, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Helpdesk – New: Skype click to call feature, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Email – Enhanced cross-browser compatibility, user interface design and performance improvements, general fixes and stability improvements.


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