Jeff Nourse of New You Spa Provides Advice to Enhance Your Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Success

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa offers business tips to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Online PR News – 04-August-2014 – Toronto, ON – Jeff Nourse of New You Spa says that his many years of entrepreneurial success is guiding his latest enterprise, the New You Spa, to prosperity. And he has some tips that will help aspiring entrepreneurs through the often choppy waters of getting a new enterprise up and running.

Jeff Nourse has more than thirty years of experience in international retail and medical executive management, and is credited with building the largest and most successful automotive supply company in Canada. Jeff Nourse of New You Spa has spent his life playing many different roles and mastering a range of valuable skills to reach this level of success. He says that one of the most valuable tips he got as a young businessman involves what he calls The People Factor.

The People Factor, says Jeff Nourse of New You Spa, is the basis of many entrepreneurial successes. But he says as valuable as it is, the People Factor it is a paradox, because many successful business leaders discount it. They do so, he believes, at their peril.

There is a lot more to being successful than just having a great idea and a lot of hard work. Jeff Nourse of New You Spa says that you need a great support team, too. That is precisely what he has done with the New You Spa. He recruited and trained a staff of skilled, highly professionals, and he relies on their skill to make the New You Spa a success. Jeff Nourse of New You Spa says he keeps them motivated with awards and sales incentives.

Jeff Nourse of New You Spa cites not only his own success, but the success of Virgin businesses as prime examples the importance of The People Factor. Virgin businesses like Atlantic and Mobile were all based on great management teams that had vision and passion.

In short, says Jeff Nourse of New You Spa, a successful business is not simply the product or service that it sells. It is a team of committed professionals who are united by a common sense of purpose and vision. The best business plan, he says, will only lead to failure if there isn't an enthusiastic and passionate staff on hand to execute that plan. This is especially true when things go wrong – as they almost always do, at least temporarily, says Jeff Nourse of New You Spa.

This leads to another element of The People Factor. Jeff Nourse of New You Spa says that mistakes are bound to happen, but instead of focusing on them, a leader should notice the things that are going right and the people who are doing those things. A culture of fostering employee development through praise and recognition should always start at the top, he says, so that it can set the right example for the rest of the business.

Finally, Jeff Nourse of New You Spa reminds budding entrepreneurs that it takes a lot of courage to succeed in business. Launching a new enterprise is risky, and there are always hurdles and setbacks. He says that if things go wrong, some team members might start to lose courage. And that is when knowledge of The People Factor is most important; he says it is always up to the leader to motivate and promote morale.

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