Jeff Castner Has Tips for Enjoying the Indiana State Fair

Jeff Castner discusses all the things visitors to the Indiana State Fair can do.

Online PR News – 04-August-2014 – State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN – Jeff Castner has lived his whole life in Indiana. He is proud to be from America's heartland and knows that it is the backbone of America, and the source of everything that makes America great.

As is the case with millions of other Americans, summertime means many things, and that includes the annual State Fair. The State Fair is as much a part of summer as are the Fourth of July fireworks, Jeff Castner says, and the Indiana State Fair may well be one of the best State Fairs in the entire country.

Jeff Castner has some tips for enjoying any State Fair, but he places extra emphasis on the one he knows best, in his home state of Indiana.

First, Jeff Castner says you should put on plenty of sunscreen when you leave for the State Fair, and bring a tube with you to re-apply as the day goes on. Most of the State Fair is held outdoors, and certainly all of its biggest attractions, and you need to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Be sure to bring your ID along if you are driven to the State Fair by someone else. At least, bring it if you would like to check out the Fair's new beer and wine exhibition. Jeff Castner says that the new Indiana Beer and Wine Exhibition this summer will feature Hoosier beers and wines, and visitors can sample most of them. He says that if you've just turned twenty-one, or are lucky enough to look youthful even past that age, you'll need to show some identification before you're allowed to imbibe.

Jeff Castner says there are some things that no one should miss if they go to the Indiana State Fair, or any other state fair, of that matter. In Indiana this summer, popular attractions include a comic Wild West show, a horse pull and a tractor pull, duck races, a rodeo, and a trick dog show.

As a sports enthusiast, Jeff Castner is particularly interested in the BMX stunt show. A BMX, he explains, is a kind of off-road bicycle on which expert riders can do amazing tricks and stunts. At the Indiana State Fair's BMX stunt show, riders will execute twists and jumps and flips on their tiny trick bikes. It is, he says, not to be missed.

One of the most interesting things at the Indiana State Fair this summer, says Jeff Castner, involves the seventy-five year old Fairgrounds Coliseum. The Coliseum got a $63 million facelift over the last year and a half and finally re-opened in the spring. It will be the center of some of the Fair's staple events, including livestock shows, draft horse competitions, and the Championship Drive. The Coliseum will also host a full lineup of concerts during the State Fair, by performers like Barenaked Ladies, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Kansas, and a host of other top acts.

The Indiana State Fair, says Jeff Castner, goes on for seventeen days, and is expected to draw three-quarters of a million people during that time. It's guaranteed to provide lots of family fun, and memories that will last for a lifetime.

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