Prakash Poornan Offer Airport Tips

Prakash Poornan offers tip on how to get on your flight with Ease.

Online PR News – 04-August-2014 – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Prakash Poornan loves to travel. He understands that one of the most frustrating things about traveling is the circus you are forced to attend called the airport. It really doesn’t matter which airport you are going to, they all have issues. It may be that a particular airports issues don’t affect you, but other people nay be really inconvenienced. Prakash Poornan offers some ways to avoid inconveniences at the airport.

Before going to the airport, check your flight time. Make sure there are not any delays. Delays are easy to put people in a bad mood. Some people find that they can cope with delays better if they are forewarned about them. This may give them time to do a small amount of additional sightseeing or it may give you a few more minutes playing with your kids before you have to go to the airport. Either way, look at it for what it is, a few minutes grace period that you can use to be more relaxed.

Prakash Poornan points out that checking in online can save quite a bit of time. If you do not have checked bags, this is especially useful. If you check in at home online and print your boarding pass and have no bags that need to be checked, it can save you a significant amount of time. When you print your boarding pass is the perfect opportunity to put your boarding pass, credit card you paid for the ticket with, and you ID inside an easy to reach pocket. This will help you breeze through line much faster than you otherwise would. Also, it is polite since you do not then hold up the line.

Prakash Poornan travels enough to know that most airports now have online parking maps that are regularly updated. They will mark them as closed the lot fills up. Know where there is space and what is closed can help you rethink how to get there. You can also park at an off airport lot. This can be convenient because often reserve a parking space in advance and parking is less expensive.

It also makes sense to get your documents out and in hand before stepping up to check in. This should be a quick and easy process so it is important to help make it that way. It is also smart to prepare for the security line. This basically means to anything metal off that you can and put the metal inside your carry on bag. Also, take everything else but your ID and boarding pass out of your pockets and do the same thing, in the carry on bag it goes belt included. Get your shoes ready to come off and by the time you get to the front you are ready to walk through the line.

Prakash Poornan finally reminds you it is not time to go slow. Move quickly to your boarding gate and get ready for the flight. The sooner you get to the gate the sooner you will know about any flight delays. If you have time to relax before your flight comes, now is the time to do it. Take advantage of the Wi-Fi and enjoy yourself before heading up into the air.

About: Prakash Poornan is a Computer Expert who loves to travel.