Carlton Griggs of New Jersey Provides Advice on Becoming a More Successful Business Professional

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey is a successful businessman, and shares useful tips.

Online PR News – 05-August-2014 – Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey – Carlton Griggs of New Jersey learned the value of hard work at a very young age, when by seven he was spending long hours on the tennis court perfecting his serves, backhands, and forehand shots. He went on to excel in varsity tennis in high school, to be rated an All-State player in New Jersey, and to be a varsity starter for two years on the College of New Jersey tennis team.

All of this experience taught Carlton Griggs of New Jersey that dedication and commitment to something you love will pay off in the end. Today, he is likely to summarize that in the simplest of terms. "I'm a hard working individual," he says.
Today, Carlton Griggs of New Jersey continues to work hard at everything he does. He is passionate about automobiles, especially Ford and Mazda vehicles, and after a three-year stint at Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a Certified Mazda Sales Consultant at a dealership in Wayne, New Jersey.

All of this qualifies Carlton Griggs of New Jersey to offer some insight into hard work and the ways that it can pay off. He says that the thing that distinguishes successful people from merely talented people is the drive and hard work that has distinguished Carlton Griggs of New Jersey. He says that it is the willingness to start earlier, stay later, and work harder that makes the crucial difference.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey says it is never too late to develop the kinds of habits that have helped him and so many others. He says that to achieve success in just about every area of your life, it is very important to be organized. But even more important is to be focused, and have great concentration.

Focus, says Carlton Griggs of New Jersey, means knowing the desired results of a given project and prioritizing each step along the way of reaching that goal. He says that you have to continually readjust your focus to make sure that what you are working on is the most important and effective thing you could be doing at that time that will help you reach your goal.

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey also says that successful people concentrate their energies. He defines concentration as the ability to stick with something until it is completely done to the best of his ability. Even then he is likely to review what he has done to make sure he couldn't be doing more. If you want to accomplish your goals, he says, you need to make sure that everything you do is taking you in that direction and helping you get there. That alone will go a long way toward increasing the quality and quantity of what you have to get done every day in order to stay on track.

The good habits of a successful career, says Carlton Griggs of New Jersey, include the habit of completing a task. He says that you have to know when it is done, and then move on to the next task, which is likely to be as compelling and crucial as the one preceding it. He says that you can accelerate the process of becoming a highly productive person by visualizing your goals and their successful outcomes.

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