HBN Announces The Launch of On Call With Dr. Camille, an informative Health & Wellness Radio Show

HBN Announces The Launch of On Call With Dr. Camille, an informative Health & Wellness Radio Show

Online PR News – 01-August-2010 – – With our nation’s health in decline, and preventable illnesses on the rise, a 15-minute office visit with a healthcare physician marks only the beginning of a comprehensive medical treatment plan that many individuals and families need today. There are simple, inexpensive and practical medical alternatives to maintaining good health and a balanced lifestyle away from the Dr.’s office and Dr. Camille aims to teach her audience how to do just that through her program, “On Call with Dr. Camille.”
She is also the Show Host of “On Call with Dr. Camille,” an educational and interactive program designed to empower and equip individuals with the knowledge and information needed to become the primary managers of their own healthcare plan. This interactive program invites viewers/listeners to temporarily step outside the pristine environment of their Dr’s. offices and step into casual, but yet informative, conversations with Dr. Camille about health and lifestyle alterations that impact the individual and the family unit as a whole. Many times patients are not afforded the convenience of an informal setting whereby they can ask their physician questions about their health and overall lifestyle choices …but with this dynamic show, Dr. Camille will offer her knowledge and profound expertise on managing a comprehensive medical treatment plan that impacts individual lifestyles and family dynamics for generations to come….
What makes Dr. Camille an expert? Dr. Camille offers medical and surgical treatment options for a variety of disorders ranging from allergies to snoring to head and neck cancer. Dr. Camille is a Harvard Medical School Graduate, Board Certified, and is a Diplomat in the American Academy of Otolaryngology. She is also a national speaker for speaker for major pharmaceutical companies including Glasko Smith Kline, Meda Pharmaceuticals, and Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

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