SocialWebshop - useful tool for Facebook users.

Designed specially for online commerce, SocialWebshop helps eBay traders to become successful by automatically importing all their eBay listings to Facebook.

Online PR News – 05-August-2014 – United Kingdom – Facebook is a multifunctional site that provides users with more opportunities for communication that any other social media can offer. In addition to standard chats, there are photo archives, interesting links to other sites and entertainment applications. Despite the multifunctionality of the site, users seek to diversify or to simplify the work with this social network. In this regard, there is modern software that is useful when working with Facebook.

Programs for uploading photos

It would seem that loading new photos on Facebook should not cause any difficulties. However, many users apply to special programs,and tools that extend the functionality of the standard photo loader provided by the social network. The most interesting programs are Upload Rabbit, Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook and Kurst FlickNav.

Applications for Windows 7/Windows 8

Windows 7 operating system has forced developers to focus on creating optimized applications that would allow easy access to social networks. In addition to Facebook official application, Windows store offers some beautiful and comfortable tools for any taste.

Official Facebook app for Windows 8

Windows 8 users often complain about available applications, but Facebook is not the case. Developers have created an almost exact copy of the web browser version of Facebook, while maintaining the existing functions and adding a few new ones. For example, even if you close the application, you will receive push-notifications announcing new messages. Integration with Windows is at the highest level.

SocialWebshop for Facebook.

Designed specially for online commerce, SocialWebshop helps eBay traders that want to have their products on Facebook by automatically importing their listings to a Facebook shop. Deciding to post their eBay listings on Facebook ,users become famous in the biggest social network in the world.Their products reach more people, than eBay offers them. If someone decides to post their eBay listings on Facebook, they get such Facebook features as "like" and "share" for all their offers. It takes only a few minutes to install this application.


Facebook itself has enough functionality to not apply to any additional software. Nevertheless, Windows 7 or Windows 8 owners, certainly appreciate applications that can supplement or even replace the classic version of Facebook.