Add Your Own Virtual Currency To Your Wordpress Website With CM Micropayments Plugin

CM Micropayments is a plugin that helps you add in-site support for having your own “virtual currency” on your WordPress website.

Online PR News – 05-August-2014 – London – One of the most important functions of a blog/ website is payment-related - often online payments being one of the most complicated components of a website from the user experience point of view. CM Micropayments plugin is a new product coming to help users and developers to improve their payment system, creating a fun experience for the customers.

CM Micropayments is a WordPress platform that supports users in adding their own “virtual currency” on their WordPress website, making customer payments quick and easy. It is an easy to use plugin that will allow web developers and administrators to provide in-site transactions without requiring external payment to process for each purchase.

The way CM Micropayments works is through a management system for WordPress that offers points, the system can support both community websites and in-site transactions. One of the most important features of this plugin, setting it apart from any other similar product, is the “virtual currency” feature, meaning that the plugin creates a virtual currency for your site and for your online community. Simply put, the community could only use virtual currency or payments for purchases so the process becomes as simple as possible for the users.

Another extra option that can be added is a score driven gamification tool, whose purpose is to engage users in the process and help them keep track of the points won. The plugin can be also used as a platform that can help users develop their solutions.

As mentioned in the beginning, the way the plugin works is really easy to understand and use. After installation, every user receives a wallet where virtual money will be collected. The initial setup of the external Payment gateway and of the payment itself is extremely quick to navigate through, so customers can start using the virtual currency right away. Settings related to notifications, name of virtual currency (e.g. “point”), labels and shortcodes will be found here. After this, each user will receive a virtual wallet, which works as if it were a prepaid credit card.

The plugin is by default integrated with CM Answers and CM Download Manager plugins, proving its adaptability to a wide range of plugins. In the case of CM Answers, the integration results in users being able to pay for posting questions or answers or be given points that accumulate in their wallets. As for CM Download Manager, using CM Micropayments allows users to pay to download or upload documents (or be given points for their wallet for any of these activities).

Moreover, developers can use CM MicroPayment Platform to develop their own virtual payment solution by using any of the existing plugin modules.

In the case of the extension, the most important features include the ability to define virtual currency unit, the ability to add or subtract currency units from a wallet and the ability to show users a report of all transactions they’ve made in their wallet. A valuable feature is also the option to integrate the plugin with PayPal if the users decide this is the best option for them.

All in all, CM Micropayments offers an integrated solution for users looking to improve and make the payment function within their WordPress website more appealing for their readers or customers.

Try CM Micropayments and experience this high quality plugin and transform your WordPress into a transaction-friendly online space! For more information go to