Advice for Maintaining Balance Between Successful Professional Career and a Fulfilling Personal Life

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a busy business professional who works hard to manage success in both the workplace and in his personal life.

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – Santa Rosa, CA – Business professional Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows a thing or two about balance. As a corporate professional with an accomplished career, he has striven to be a diligent and invaluable asset to multiple Fortune 500 Companies, providing employers with the drive, motivation and tenacity of someone who seeks nothing more than to keep his team productive and successful. As the consummate family man, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa seeks maintain a loving and supportive home, and works tirelessly to ensure he always has time needed to be there for the ones he loves the most.

Balancing a fulfilling home life with a successful career can be extremely challenging, even for the most talented of time managers. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows this all too well, though he has never failed to be an involved and integral part of his family’s life, understanding the importance of providing the necessary love and support to his loved ones.

Below, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa shares several tips for professionals seeking a better way to juggle the personal with the professional.

It’s All About Time Management

As mentioned earlier, even the most talented of time managers can have trouble maintaining a career with a happy home. Time management, however, is a skill one must develop if they are to achieve this balance, and proper scheduling and management, if performed correctly, will allow a professional the time to not only be a force at work, but to also be a visible and active part of a loving family. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa suggests setting aside specific times, at least two or three times a week, to participate in family activities, such as dinners, games, etc, and strictly adhering to this schedule.


Your family most likely understands how important your work responsibilities are, says Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa, though they may struggle to understand how a late meeting or work event took precedence over family time. A busy professional schedule can often require late nights and extra hours, though family should always come first, and should always be the professionals top and most important priority. Work with your family to better understand each other’s schedules, and do your best to work with your employer to create an understanding of your personal family obligations. If an unexpected scheduling conflict arises, says Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa, do your best to set aside extra time in the week to complete the necessary task in a way that won’t interfere with family time.

Plan Vacations

A family vacation, as Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, can be an amazing way to bond with your family, and to demonstrate to them how sincere you are about spending time with the ones you care about the most. Make it a point to plan family vacations together, and to make sure that no work conflicts or tasks coincide with the desired time. Give your employer vacation notice far in advance, and ensure your family understands when their personal calendars need to be cleared for the upcoming vacation.

About: Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a passionate family man.