Dwayne S Beck With Tips on Finding the Right Lawyer

Dwayne S Beck is a California attorney who says there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding a lawyer.

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – Riverside, CA – Dwayne S Beck is the Managing Partner at the Law Offices of Dwayne S Beck and Associates, a smaller law firm based in Riverside, California.

Dwayne S Beck has been practicing law for more than twenty years, and he says that his experience has taught him that a lot of people don’t know what to look for when they are shopping around for a lawyer. He says there are usually some understandable reasons for that. They might, as non-lawyers, be intimidated by the legal process, and the prospect of waging a legal battle. Or they might be scared because they are the target of a lawsuit, and just want to find a legal ally as quickly as possible.

Whatever the reason, Dwayne S Beck says there are some things everyone should bear in mind when they are looking for an attorney, and he offers his suggestions here.
The things that make a good lawyer, says Dwayne S Beck, include such traits as education, knowledge, experience, and a good work ethic. But they are by no means the only things to consider.

We stand behind our work and we offer resumes trial results client list references and rates upon request.

He says when you are looking for an attorney, their accountability is a very important factor. “Cases take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve,” says Dwayne S Beck. “We stand behind our work, and we offer resumes, trial results, client list, references and rates upon request.”

Experience is not essential, but Dwayne S Beck says it makes sense to find an attorney with expertise in your particular field. If you have small business problems, for example, you wouldn’t want an attorney with a background in maritime law. “Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in providing clients with a broad range of legal advice associated with their respective business and area of practice,” Dwayne S Beck says. “Most importantly, reliability, accessibility, efficiency and responsiveness are the hallmarks of our practice.”

Something related to experience, says Dwayne S Beck, is an attorney’s curiosity, and his or her perspective in other areas of the law.

The most effective litigators, he says, make sure to go beyond the narrow confines of deep specialties and maintain a relentless curiosity about the world they live in. They have an endless curiosity that goes beyond law, and includes interests in a variety of topics and life experiences in science, art, psychology, physics and even pop culture. They often have obscure hobbies and eclectic tastes that demonstrate a well-rounded background and worldview. And this can have a practical impact on a case: such attorneys know from personal experience that solutions to courtroom challenges often come from the most unlikely places.

Ultimately many factors, says Dwayne S Beck, should go into selecting the right lawyer for you. Of course, conflicts and costs can limit your options. Experience matters, but it is far from the only measure.

The success of the Law Offices of Dwayne S Beck and Associates “is a direct result of our uncompromising commitment to the needs of our clients, coupled with sound business practices and a hands on approach to the litigation process,” says Dwayne S Beck. “The firm prides itself on the excellent reputation of its lawyers who provide superior, responsive legal services.”

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