Bitcon Battles Trollcoin for Cryptocurrency's Crown

Trollcoin makes a strong case as an alternative to Bitcoin.

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – There is no doubt that bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in history. By bitcoin making headlines on a daily basis, it is not hard to understand why. After it’s accent into the news cycle there have been many other cryptocurrencies to come along. While these coins try to emulate and continue what bitcoin started, they still do not come close to the phenomena surrounding bitcoin.

Some coins are created and flounder, but some do not, and fly “under bitcoin’s radar.” One such coin is Trollcoin.

The usual cycle for a new cryptocurrency is the creation, mining, and then being listed on an online exchange where it can be traded for bitcoins. One can see that most coins are rendered useless by their “supporters” who eventually “pump and dump” them for bitcoins.

For a new coin to be successful, it must be used for online commerce and not be created simply for trading in for bitcoins which totally defeats the purpose of issuing a new coin to begin with. Some coins do gain popularity for a brief time and their value compared to bitcoin rises among the exchanges, but eventually the popularity wanes and dies down.

As for Trollcoin, it’s developers and supporters have done something that no other coin besides bitcoin has accomplished. It seems that Trollcoin has purposely stayed away from the major online exchanges in order to not devalue itself by being traded for bitcoins. Trollcoin supporters have been mining, tipping and trading trollcoins among themselves as well as purchasing computer hardware, gift cards, pistachios, and even precious metals without using bitcoins.

By taking advantage of online forums and social media such as Facebook with their Trollcoin Marketplace using the Multicoin Tipping App created by Alejandro Caballero, posting and tipping on Reddit with their TipaTroll Tipping Bot, and even on the popular video game streaming website, with their Trollcoin Tipping Bot, Trollcoin and its adopters are gaining ground. With Google rumors flying that they are about to buy, which comes with an estimated 45 million viewers, Trollcoin is in a good position.

Trollcoin has effectively trolled bitcoin, the banks, the online exchanges, and the cryptocurrency world.

Contact: Karl Wickman

Company: Trollcoin

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Telephone Number: (818) 276 6960