WANT Expeditions Announces Second Running of 2015 Harp Seal Pup Expedition

WANT adds a second trip to meet the rising demand for this annual tour that is gaining attention from adventure travelers worldwide

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – Due to the popularity of their annual Harp Seal Pup Expedition, WANT Expeditions has added a second running of the Feb/Mar 2015 tour. Only a few visitors gain access to the birthing habitat each year so WANT guests become ambassadors in promoting this important conservation work. Now a few more adventure travelers can experience this rare opportunity to see thousands of seal pups in their first few weeks of life.

WANT – the world leader in highly personalized, conservation-oriented small group travel – has created a unique itinerary allowing guests to explore the Magdalen Islands in the North Atlantic then fly by helicopter to a protected national park where female Harp Seals gather each year to birth their young. Late February through mid-March is the best time to see the ephemeral “whitecoats”, lasting less than three weeks before the pups molt and acquire a spotty, silver-gray coat.

“This tour has been described as the trip of a lifetime over and over again, and WANT Expeditions promises to uphold that standard,” declares Jessica Pociask, WANT owner and expedition leader.

The first running of the expedition will take place February 26 - March 4, 2015; the second running will be March 4-10, 2015. Guests will see pups just hours old on the first tour while visitors on the second trip will get to witness the beginning of the seal pups’ transformation into adulthood.

“The experience of seeing the freshly born, innocent and trustful pups close up was heart-warming and unbeatable. No comparison at all to African safaris and most other wildlife trips,” explains Gunther Riehle, PSA Grand Master and multiple award-winning photographer.

Don’t just read about how these fluffy pups will warm your heart – check out the videos. Watch as a WANT tour group flies to the ice floe and see a pup exploring his new world.

WANT is now accepting credit cards for all tour deposits. If you book a tour before September 31, 2014, your $50 transaction fee will be waived! To learn more about this one-of-a-kind experience, visit the WANT Expeditions Destinations page at www.wantexpeditions.com.


About WANT Expeditions:
WANT Expeditions is the world leader in highly personalized, conservation-oriented small group travel, connecting travelers, adventurers, photographers and conservationists from all over the world through expeditions to see the most amazing natural phenomena that exist on our planet. The company only uses local (and often family owned) business partners, practices strong environmental conservation measures, supports protection of cultures and traditions, discourages hand-outs and encourages letting go of western ideals to experience true cultural immersion. For more information, visit www.wantexpeditions.com.