IntegrityNet introduces its PCI-DSS compliance software, IntegrityPCI

IntegrityPCI gives comfort and assurance to the customers by making sure that every call they make is secured and their credit card data are protected.

Online PR News – 01-August-2014 – Houston, TX – Software Solutions developer IntegrityNet has announced that they are launching their PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance software “IntegrityPCI” to the world market. After more than a year of development and research, IntegrityPCI makes it easy for any company to comply with PCI-DSS requirements.

With credit card companies now clamping down on call centers because of the rise in incidents of fraud, it is now imperative that these companies comply with PCI-DSS requirements just like any other merchant does.

In 2013, IntegrityNet was facing the same situation when a new client required them to be PCI-DSS compliant. So, they shopped around for a vendor and were just astounded at the costs involved in compliance. “They were going to charge us consulting fees on top of the hardware, license, and installation costs amounting to tens of thousands of dollars just to begin the project that would have taken weeks to finish.” – said Wesley Pollard, Business Development Officer at IntegrityNet. ”We thought, there had to be a better way.” That’s how IntegrityPCI was conceived. “We looked at a solution on how companies can comply with PCI-DSS requirements without purchasing additional hardware and over spending their budget.”

After months of development and testing, finally in 2014, IntegrityPCI is ready to be deployed. “We hit some snags along the way, especially on working on a model to take away the hardware. But, it’s done. It’s ready to do what it’s built for – protecting your company’s reputation by eliminating credit card fraud from within your organization.”

“We are making it easy for any company to comply with PCI-DSS by taking away the hardware headaches, and introduce a software solution that installs in minutes, not weeks.” says Wesley.

IntegrityPCI’s advance technology solution makes credit card voice transactions and recordings comply with PCI-DSS. Customer’s sensitive information are never seen, spoken, or heard by your staff, and never recorded. Hence, making stolen credit card numbers a thing of the past.

IntegrityPCI software is the only solution available on the market today that does not require you to change your voice carrier, phone system, voice recording system, credit card processor or payment gateway. It requires minimal training and installs in minutes. IntegrityPCI runs independently and seamlessly on any Microsoft Windows platform, and works with any PC based soft phone or standard telephone set.

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