How to Smoke a Roach with class

There are lots of ways to smoke. Every smoker has their own ritual. But smokers who roll know there's something especially satisfying about rolling the perfect blunt and then lighting it up. Each perfectly rolled joint seems to hold promise. You stop and look at it before placing it between your lips or passing it to a friend, eagerly anticipating that first drag. It's a social way to smoke too, easy to share - just don't forget to puff, puff, pass!

Online PR News – 01-August-2014 – Danbury – #anchor# Here's a luxurious item for dedicated fans of rolling up - three different hand-blown glass tips manufactured by ROOR together with B-Real and endorsed by Cypress Hill!Use in place of paper tips so you generally have one readily available instead of desperately tearing paper strips off from your junk mail, or maybe you don't normally use tips in any way, try these to lessen waste and keep the unlit end from closing and flattening up with moisture. These helps keep the final of your respective roll-up fresh and dry - everyone hates getting passed a slobbery wet fatty! Using Phuncky Feel Tips also eliminates the demand for a roach clip.This group of three comes within a cool foam-padded metal case, great for storage, display or to give being a gift into a lucky smoking buddy! One tip is actually a straight cylinder; one other two have flattened ends; these three have pinches to help keep pieces of debris from the mouth whenever you inhale. Each tip offers the ROOR logo on it in black, which makes it a sophisticated yet fun smoking accessory sure to be of the best you could always expect from ROOR.These glass crutches are made in Germany from high-grade premium borosilicate glass, like all ROOR products. Clean by soaking in the diluted alcohol solution or by using a soft pipe cleaner that won't scratch glass. #anchor# For new info please take a look at our web page by heading this awesome link - #anchor#.You may also want to jump over to Bongs.