Connoisseur Consults Presents its Annual

Connoisseur Consults presents a one-day teen focused summit aimed at exposing pre-selected attendees to firsthand Entrepreneurial knowledge.

Online PR News – 01-August-2014 – Abuja, Nigeria – .#LOL! (Live out Loud) Teens' Summit's underlying theme is Entrepreneurship and social development for secondary school teenagers within class SS2 - SS3 in Abuja, Coming up on the 23rd of August 2014.
The event is facilitated by the parent organization Connoisseur Consults; a personality development and coaching outfit headed by Mr. Ikenna Anyadike, a personality development expert and accredited business partner to Clarity4D UK.. Attendance to the summit is free but strictly by invitation; so teens with the desire to delve into Entrepreneurship are invited to register, and will be contacted and awarded invitations if their application is accepted.
The summit will feature talks from teenagers already involve in functional enterprises, interests and ventures. Also, the summit will feature an Enterprise Challenge, where teens will be requested to submit business ideas prior to the main event day from which the best five will have an opportunity to defend their business idea proposals and according to popular opinion will receive a grant to start up under close mentoring and supervision.

Founded in 2012, Connoisseur Consults is a personality development training and coaching outfit with a focus on youth and teen development. Through active involvement in the field, Connoisseur Consults has carried out extensive value-adding projects and programs suited for teenagers and students. The firm is licensed to operate with other relevant accreditations, both local and international.