Etienne Barre Presents the New Fragrance - Ad Infinitum

A private presentation of a unique perfume called Ad Infinitum took place in Paris.

Online PR News – 31-July-2014 – Paris/France – In spite of the fact that one of the leaders of international perfume market acted as an originating company, Ad Infinitum was finally released under Etienne Barre trademark, under the name of the perfumer who created this inspiring scent based on the unique ingredient called ISO Infinitum which allows a woman to be loved by every man.

As a result of research it was proven that ISO Infinitum stimulates the production of phenylethylamine, the so-called love hormone. This is due to an intense increase of dopamine and norepinephrine concentration in synaptic space. Thanks to the natural injection of phenylethylamine a male behavior is changed in a way that a man experiences special feelings toward the woman with ISO Infinitum like attraction and even love.

The presentation started with Etienne Barre's words: "Ad Infinitum was inspired by the unique and perfect image of Audrey Hepburn". You can feel Audrey's presence looking at the extraordinary perfume bottle decorated with a retro pump, and when it is pressed an enchanting fragrance covers you with a charming mist admiring the magnificent flavour in a hope of future compliments from gentlemen.

A glove of white silk. Her hand is like a rose. An elegant black hat. A tender light in a hall. She's going to be the rose of the high society ball. She's shining bright like a beautiful star in the evening sky. Her eyes glimmer a gentle light. She looks like a graceful fine lady. A light smile illuminates her face. She is beautiful... There's a secret in her hands. A secret of women who are beyond the reach of kings. A retro style perfume bottle with a beautiful pump and a graceful silk tassel accenting great taste and noble origin. In a moment, she becomes beloved just with a light press of the pump... Her secret is Ad Infinitum. Now, she is like a rare diamond sparkling in the rays of the setting sun attracting admiring glances, arousing envy, love and desire.

Etienne Barre told at presentation about unprecedented fragrance persistence: "Even after expiry of 24 hours when the scent will disappear ISO Infinitum continues its astonishing effect." That is why the perfume containing ISO Infinitum was named Ad Infinitum. The name translated from the Latin means "To infinity".

Ad Infinitum will be available in Europe and at the official website from August 1, 2014.

Etienne Barre is the only exclusive partner of the pharmaceutical company that produces ISO Infinitum.

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