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Social Media Marketing with Twitter becomes easier

Online PR News – 26-August-2009 – – August 24, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - Innovative web marketing service SEO Marketing Zone today announced the debut of Twitter Followers Marketing, the newest tool in its arsenal of proven traffic-building services.

Web-savvy clients know that Twitter's organic person-to-person network is one of the best ways to attract and maintain a high-quality audience on today's web. Thanks to its pioneering position in the field of new media marketing, SEO Marketing Zone understands how to help clients build a strong presence on Twitter and how to get high-targeted traffic from Twitter followers.generate strong Twitter followings. Clients don't simply buy followers, but invest in a network of real people that can amplify marketing messages and spread them throughout one of the largest and fastest-growing communities on the Internet.

Twitter Followers Marketing offers prospective clients a variety of marketing strategies scalable to their needs. The most basic plan sets a goal of attaining 1,000 followers in only one week, while more ambitious customers can opt for a year-long package designed to attract 100,000 followers. And of course, all options are available at affordable rates and offer an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Once enrolled in the program, Twitter Followers Marketing allows clients to manage their tweets from within their own Twitter accounts, giving them full control over their networks. The unprecedented connectivity of Twitter also permits clients to stay connected with their own customers, maximizing the impact and memorability of the client's brand.

Of course, micromanagement isn't required. SEO Marketing Zone will gladly handle maintenance of your Twitter brand, enlisting its team of Twitter marketing experts to post tweets independently, freeing clients to focus on developing their own websites while still enjoying all the benefits of a full-time Twitter marketing effort.

Businesses should not underestimate the power of Twitter marketing. SEO Marketing Zone ( ) experts estimate that each of its own followers is worth about $0.10 per month. Multiply that by the thousands of potential followers and viral connections Twitter Followers Marketing can provide, and it's clear that even a small investment can prove to be very lucrative. Don't miss the boat -- partner with SEO Marketing Zone today!

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