Swiftons Travel Goods, Creators Of Swiftons Digital Luggage Scale, Announce Launch of Swiftons.com

Swiftons Launch Service Website For Customers

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – Port Royal/KY – Swiftons Travel Goods, producers of Swiftons handheld luggage scale, announce the release of Swiftons.com to coincide with the launch of their handheld luggage scale.

The aim of the website is to showcase product from the Swiftons catalogue and act as a communication portal for customers to interact with the brand.

Services provided on the website include product buying options, a dedicated page to register product for extended warranties, methods for contacting the brand, and a media section containing press releases from the company.

Swiftons are a recent addition to the travel goods market. The are dedicated to bringing exciting highly-functional product to consumers, which they back with the highest levels of customer care.

Swiftons first product launch is a compact handheld luggage scale (http://goo.gl/9Gnpzu), which the company has developed with the aim of supporting consumers in eliminating airline surcharges.

Product packaging for Swiftons handheld luggage scale draws on inspiration from the 1950s, which the company has updated to provide customers with a modern feel.

Director Michael Galvin comments:

“It is very exciting for us to launch our website. We have a truly fantastic product coming to consumers in the United States, which we are sure they will love. We believe our products, combined with the highest standards of customer care, will make a huge impact in the travel goods market. Our website is an integral part of our customer service strategy. From www.swiftons.com customers will be able to register their new Swiftons products for a 3 year warranty via a simple web form. The website also provides customers and other stakeholders a platform through which they can engage with the brand.”

Commenting on the fact that the website is non-transactional, Marketing Manager Emma Bailey commented:

“At Swiftons we take product development and customer care very seriously. Our primary purpose is to bring truly exciting and useful products to our customers and back them with the highest levels of after sales care. Selling our product on the website could potentially dilute our focus on our primary aims, which we are not prepared to do. By focussing our efforts on development and service, whilst leveraging companies with highly sophisticated fulfilment systems, we can stay focussed on what customers want from us - great product and great service. We are not saying the website will never be transactional. But for now we need to be certain that we are servicing our customer’s needs at the highest level before we will consider going that route.

Swfitons.com utilises monochromatic colour scheme with an orange accent. The website includes a Twitter feed, social sharing links, links to social media accounts, company information, brand values, organising principles, and pages dedicated to providing information on each Swiftons product.
Swiftons website is now live. Swiftons handheld luggage scale releases soon online.