Real Time Search Boosting Online Marketing

Real Time Search is the latest buzz in the online marketing sector. More and more marketers are employing real time search techniques in order to drive relevant user traffic to the site and track traffic in real time.

Online PR News – 01-August-2010 – – Real Time Search is making quite a heads turn and literally! The concept behind tracking visitor on the site in real time has suddenly got everyone excited and moving towards various real time tools and techniques to cash in on the latest ‘hot cake’ in the online marketing domain.

Many websites are now embedding new real time search tools like AdTIme, Serph etc to track their online visitors in real time. These websites can now track, who and from where is visiting a website. One can also find the keywords which bring a particular visitor to the site. And that’s not all there are various real time search techniques useful for the online businesses. These include:

Scheduling Social Media Posts
Scheduling of Tweets etc is an effective way of capitalizing on the real time search bonanza. One can easily schedule their tweets for near future postings and enjoy the real time traffic to their website due to the frequency of Tweets and their real time value.

Integrating Social Media Sites into Blogs
Blogs can be share on social media sites and gained momentum on the online circuit with the integration of social media links and “Share This” option on the blogs. This helps in promotion of blogs on various high-traffic social media sites.

Using tags in social media
Inclusion of tags in social media posts like Tweets, Scraps, postings etc helps in easy crawling of the social media page or profile by the search engines.

Using Google Hot Trends
There is always a latest buzz in the Google circuits. Build up on that and use the latest from Google for your business.

Publishing Regular and Quality Press Releases
Become regular with frequent Press Releases to offer updated news which is quickly indexed by the search engines.

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