Valitar Continues to Offer Audiences Visionary and Powerful Entertainment Experiences

The show’s producer says show will display impressive acrobatics paired with well-trained horses.

Online PR News – 07-August-2014 – San Diego, CA – Producers Mark and Tatyana Remley have been working towards the world premiere of their production Valitar for several months. The Remley’s say they are excited to unveil their masterpiece to audiences across the country.

The Remley’s hired Sylvia Zerbini to direct their new equine-human show. "Valitar is the story of the power and grace of humanity and horses combined," says producer Mark Remley. "So with that in mind, we knew we needed someone special to lead the production. Sylvia has gone above and beyond any expectation we had." Zerbini has a long list of credentials in the horse training industry. She has experience working all over the world on different productions, working with trainers and horses together, and rehabilitating horses in various situations. Her expertise has propelled the Valitar production forward. She has worked closely with the Remley’s to ensure that what she creates in rehearsal matches their overall vision for Valitar.

So with that in mind we knew we needed someone special to lead the production. Sylvia has gone above and beyond any expectation we had.

Part of the Remley’s vision is to create a show like Cirque du Soleil, but with horses. "This show will have something unique for everyone," Tatyana Remley says. The combination of equestrian tricks and acrobatics has been challenging for Zerbini, but she seems to have been successful with coordinating extreme stunts between the two mediums.

The goal of Valitar is to demonstrate the relationship between man and horse throughout history. The Remley’s are interested in blending the skills of reputable trapeze artists like Kimberley Souren with thrill riding. While many candidates did not want to take on that type of project, Zerbini agreed to work with both horses and trapeze artists to help the Remley’s create Valitar.

Zerbini works with the horse trainers to make sure the horses stay healthy for rehearsals for Valitar. She checks on each horse individually each day to examine their joints and muscles, test their mental preparation, and make sure they are receiving adequate food and water. Zerbini says she likes to stay involved in all aspects of production to ensure that the final product is a success.

While Zerbini tends to the performers, the Remley’s stay occupied by planning the national tour that will take place after the world premiere. They say they are eager for audiences across the country to experience their unique production live.

Another important element in the production of Valitar is the music. The Remley’s hired the well-known composer Martin St-Pierre to create an original score to pair with Valitar. St-Pierre worked with his wife Kate to compose a piece of music that coordinates with the tricks and stunts that take place during the production. The pair has worked closely with Zerbini to make sure that the piece fits with each part of her preparations.

When Valitar premieres, the production will take place under a 45,000 square foot tent at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego. The Remley’s are enthusiastic about the future of Valitar. They say with talents like Zerbini and St-Pierre working on Valitar, they are confident that Valitar will be a success. With a cast of respected trapeze artists and highly trained horses, Valitar will give audiences a chance to see trick riding and acrobatic stunts together.

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