Horse Expert Mark Remley Provides Tips for Better, More Effective Horse Care

Mark Remley has amassed several tips and pieces of advice regarding horse care.

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – San Diego, California – Mark Remley was a successful San Diego businessman for many years before taking an interest in the world of professional horsemanship. Mark Remley’s desire for others to witness the grace and power of horses was so strong that he took it upon himself to become the producer of one of the most ambitious horse shows ever. Mark Remley began to learn everything he could about the equestrian world to effectively produce the horse centered show as a well-respected member of the professional horsemen community. In Mark Remley’s words: “I want everyone to see the incredible beauty of these animals and what they can do.”

One of the more helpful bodies of knowledge that Mark Remley gathered was a list of horse care tips. Mark Remley has recently gathered these tips together and released them as a set of basic instructions for amateur horse fans and riders.

The first piece of advice for any horse-owner is to provide proper habitat. Horses need shelter to protect them from extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. Depending on the climate, this could range from a barn, a horse stall, a stand of trees, or a shade cover. More extreme climates will require sturdier and more protective enclosures.

Mark Remley’s introduction into the feeding habits of horses was an eye-opening experience. Horses need a constant supply of fresh water and should be allowed to eat as often as possible. Hay and roughage are the most important parts of a horse’s diet. If allowed to feed regularly on grass, then a horse may not need any hay. Oats and sweet foods should be kept to a minimum, so as to not excite the horse.

Proper grooming was another factor of horse health that Mark Remley had to master as he sought to expand his horse related knowledge. To keep a healthy coat, horses must be groomed regularly. Paying attention to the condition of a horse’s hooves is especially important, as an irritant as small as a pebble can cause serious problems.

Mark Remley learned quickly the importance of monitoring his horse’s behavior. Horses are herd animals, and as such will sort themselves into a hierarchy. If one horse is overly aggressive to the others, it may be necessary to separate him or her for a short period of time. During feeding time, make sure all horses have equal access to food either by spreading hay or feed in many different areas or by feeding each horse in its own stall.

One must always be wary of health problems in a horse. Mark Remley checked his horses often for any health problems by checking vital signs, looking for any sign of parasites, and more. Regular dental exams are also important, especially in young horses. The best way to keep a horse healthy is by learning to identify and treat health issues before they become serious. Mark Remley made sure he was familiar with the local large animal vet in case serious problems should arise which require the attention of a medical professional.

People familiar with horses and equestrian life will likely find these tips to be overly simplistic and basic. Mark Remley gathered them while still familiarizing himself with the world of professional horsemanship, and as such they are useful for first time horse owners and others just learning about the equestrian world.

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