UV Awareness Month Prompts Study Concluding Topical Applications Work Wonders

La Beauté Pure announced a new post on their website explaining how their best Vitamin C Serum anti-aging solution can help treat UV photo-damage.

Online PR News Р02-August-2014 РMankato/MN РLa Beaut̩ Pure revealed a brand-new blog post on their website describing how their finest Vitamin C Serum anti-aging option can help treat UV photo-damage. The short article is based upon a clinical research performed by the Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center.

"July is UV Safety Month and while precautions should always be required to prevent UV damage, like creases and sun spots, when it has taken place, La Beauté Pure Finest Vitamin C Serum can definitely help," commented La Beauté Pure anti-aging business owner, Ann Williams.

In the research it was determined that the anti-oxidants in ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, plays an extremely important function in the health of the skin, specifically when it pertains to overexposure to UV light. "Aging causes a decline in Vitamin C content in both the skins and dermis," it concluded. "Excessive direct exposures to UV light or contaminants (e.g., cigarette smoke and ozone) may likewise lower vitamin C content, mainly in the skins".

Study reveals that the presence of Vitamin C, specifically when used topically, such as in Finest Vitamin C Serum, not only enhances the cosmetic looks like erasing great lines and creases and fading age areas, however it does more than that. The tests disclosed that, "Vitamin C limits the damage induced by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure." Likewise stressed was that Vitamin C, in any type, is not a sunscreen nor should it be made use of as such.

"It behaves to know that when we apply topical Vitamin C, like our finest Vitamin C Serum, it is not simply for looks, it's for the health of our skin also," Williams commented. "At La Beauté Pure we are happy to be a part of UV Safety, advising everyone to take the utmost of care when exposed to the UV during these hot summer months, as well as to know that our Finest Vitamin C Serum is conducive to the health of the skin, helping to repair photo-damage damage that the rays can cause.".

Williams continued, "Sometimes it is simple to forget that our anti-aging items are actually promoting skin health due to the fact that they are so revitalizing and extravagant, they appear like an extravagance as opposed to medical. But all stated and done, the outcomes are great looking, younger and healthier skin which is exactly what eventually matters.".

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