Equuestria Development Celebrates Two Years of Success with Horseback Acrobatics Performance Valitar

Performance company Equuestria Development announces its premiere horseback acrobatics show.

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – San Diego, CA – Mark Remley, founder and president of Equuestria Development, stated he was honored to announce the debut and tour dates of the traveling horseback acrobatic show Valitar.

Equuestria Development was a San Diego-based production company that specialized in horseback performances. “It is our honor to present a performance that will showcase the world’s top breeds of horses and the best performers and acrobats,” said Remley. “This performance coming to life is the realization of my most inner dream.”

This performance coming to life is the realization of my most inner dream.

Mark described the inspiration for Equuestria Development’s Valitar as emanating from his wife Tatyana’s love of horses. Tatyana, a lifelong animal lover, rode horses since childhood. She introduced Mark to them, and he found his unexpected passion. He became as fascinated with horses as she was. “They are beautiful, powerful animals,” he said, “watching their grace and precision inspired me to create my own show.”

The Remleys traveled the world to see different horse shows. Mark studied with horse care professionals as well as experienced horse performers. “I could have never done it without the help of countless other creative professionals and animal lovers,” said Mark. In founding Equuestria Development and creating Valitar, Mark Remley wanted to fully realize the grace and power of both horses and human acrobats. He was inspired by the performances he saw and wanted to create something even bigger.

Valitar featured 25 world-class human performers and 40 horses of the finest breeds. The show provided audiences with an immersive, awe-inspiring experience. In Valitar, Equuestria Development showcased gravity-defying feats of athleticism and never before seen interactive performances between horses and riders.

Valitar had its debut at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in November of 2012. Equuestria Development brought on Sylvia Zerbini, an award-winning performers with years of performance and directing experience, as the director for Valitar. “The show was exactly what I dreamed it would be,” said Mark. Audiences of all ages were amazed by the feats showcased at Valitar.

Mark Remley also used Valitar as a way to give back to his community of San Diego. Remley’s love of horses did not stop at simply seeing them perform; it was important to him that horses be treated well, and he used his resources at Equuestria Development to make that happen. To do so, Remley had Equuestria Development partner with the Helen Woodward Animal Center to provide for horses in the San Diego area.

Valitar child general admission tickets sold for $39 and adult general admission for $65. Equuestria Development set aside a portion of the ticket sales to go to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. The Helen Woodward Animal Center does not euthanize animals and offers a diverse set of programs for animals of all kinds. Equuestria Development’s donations went to programs for horses: the Helen Woodward Equine and Large Animal Hospital and the Therapeutic Riding Program.

Valitar’s stunning debut was a dream come true for Mark and Tatyana Remley. “I feel lucky that I was able to create such a wonderful show,” said Mark. “It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.”