Ecomass Technologies Co. Launches its New Website For High Density Engineered Thermoplastics

Ecomass Technologies Co. is pleased to announce the launch of its new website

Online PR News – 02-August-2014 – Austin – Austin, TX, July 31st, 2014 – Ecomass Technologies Co. is pleased to announce the launch of its new website The website provides comprehensive information about its innovative high density engineered thermoplastic products and solutions which can be used in different applications including frangible projectiles, weighting and balancing, vibration damping, radiation shielding and lead replacement.

Ecomass Technologies’ website is designed with an aim to support ammunition manufacturers, purchasing managers, material suppliers, procurement managers, medical equipment manufacturers, OEM product developers and other potential clients and academic researchers to make educated decisions about selecting the optimal materials for their products. The website focuses on describing many superior characteristics of the company’s products, explaining the process by which their thermoplastics can be engineered to meet the specific requirements for different applications, and describing how the product can help potential customers to comply with various government regulations and mandates in their industry regarding the use of non-toxic high density materials. The website showcases many successful projects and case studies including portable X-ray shielding material solutions, Ecomass frangible projectiles, and Ecomass high gravity compounds that Ecomass Technologies have successfully supplied to its customers in recent years.

In addition to the high-resolution graphics and responsive design, the website is also extremely user-friendly and provides a wealth of information to both current clients and prospective customers. With a user-friendly interface featuring advanced designs for navigation and functionality, the website offers customers the ability to request a quote for complex or simple programs by simply filling out an electronic form and submitting it online.

What’s more, the website features a collection of valuable technical literature that can be used for reference and helps keep one updated with the latest trends and technologies in thermoplastic compounds, high density materials, radiation shielding materials, lead replacement technologies, relevant regulatory information, and other related studies.

About Ecomass Technologies Co.:

Established in 1998 in Texas, Ecomass Technolosies Co. is a leading technological company specializing in providing advanced high density engineered thermoplastic materials and solutions. The products made by Ecomass are lead-free and can be used to replace traditional materials and completely complies with the RoHS Directive and other regulatory mandates. Ecomass Technolosies Co. has experiences in working with government and commercial clients and always strives to meet the particular demands of every single customer. The company provides proper consultations and technical support for clients from the beginning of the project and continues this support indefinitely. The sales, technical and customer service teams of Ecomass are highly competent and professional, leveraging over 15+ years of industry experience and expertise. The company is committed to its excellence and providing high quality products and materials.

For further information, please visit the website or contact:
Robert Durkee (Technical and Sales Support), Ryan Dailey (Technical and Sales Support)
Address: 4101 Parkstone Heights Dr., Suite 380, Austin, Texas 78746-7482
Toll-Free Number: 1 – 877 – ECOMASS
Local Number: 512 – 306 – 0020