New Wedding Cake Ideas

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Online PR News – 01-August-2010 – – The trends in wedding are changing at a fanatic speed. Same is the case with wedding cakes. As the themes of wedding are changing these days so are the wedding cakes to match the theme. The flavors, shapes, decoration, icing of the wedding cake is undergoing change. As a result of which, one can see new trends in the style of wedding cake. The traditional white wedding cake in round shape is passé and the couples these days are opting for flavors and shapes of their choice. The wedding is a special moment in every couple’s life and they celebrate with cutting the wedding cake. This cake is shared with all the guests.

Beach wedding has a wedding cake in form of cake that matches the surrounding. The cake may have a shape of couple’s favorite fish or may be in aqua color with blueberry flavor. A spring wedding may see a lot of strawberries on the cake. There are cakes in form of soccer field, cricket ground, guitar, etc. These cakes symbolize the couple’s hobbies, passion. The trends in cakes are going to change with the passing time but one thing will remain same that is cake as a symbol of care love and fertility of women. These days wedding cake is a style statement. The wedding cake has to be unique so that it gives elegance to the entire wedding ceremony.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends in wedding cake:

•The biggest tend is the chocolate cake as the wedding cake. In earlier days, chocolate was coated with white frosting as dark brown was not an acceptable color. Today color does not matter as it is the couple’s choice and taste that is important.

•The cup cake is another trend that has surfaced in recent times. The couple can offer many flavors to the guest as well as it is cost effective. A trendy multi tier cake can be made out of it.

•The butter cream frosting was the traditional frosting used but later is was discontinued. This happened because the frosting did not give smoothness to the cake and the cake did not appeal aesthetically to eyes. But with modern technology and tools, this frosting can give the cake a sleek look, which is a visual treat.

•Cheese cakes are ruling the roost as every couple wants them in the wedding. They look beautiful, taste great and can be decorated with different toppings. Lot of flavors are available these days in cheese cake.

•The shapes of the cake are undergoing a massive change. The couple can have a multi tier cake that has a bottom layer in round shape with the first two layers in square shape and top layer in heart shape. It is as per the couple’s choice.

•The flavors in form of tropical fruits like strawberries, oranges, raspberries are seen these days in cakes. The couples are also opting for mango, coconut, carrot which are unique and different.