Unit Testing for Offshore Software Development the Effective Way to Go

Creating a web application without any bug is core to the success or failure of an offshore software development company. An easy way out for this is using Unit Testing at the end of each unit.

Online PR News – 01-August-2010 – – Offshore software development is a very competitive world because it involves hundreds of clients and thousands of software development companies surviving on these clients. In such cases even a single error in coding resulting in a dissatisfied client can prove to be very costly to the success of the company.

To ensure that each client of the company is satisfied with the software development services provided by the software developers it is cardinal that proper precautions are taken while developing a web applications as requested by the clients. Besides developing the application as requested by the client it is also important that the application works error free throughout its lifetime.

While providing such efficient offshore software development services to client the company has also to take care of its expenses towards developing such applications. Unit Test is one of the best tools which a company can use to satisfy both its motives of satisfying clients as well as minimizing expenses.

Offshore software development is a planned process involving one step after the other. The first few steps in the process relate to dividing the project into small mini projects and assigning each mini project to a software developer. Unit Testing as the name suggests should be used at the end of each unit to check if the unit has been perfectly coded and works as intended.

If in case the software developer misses on anything while coding the unit or simply misses on certain code Unit Testing will instantly detect such errors. The developer can correct the errors at the same time. Detection of code error in the beginning itself saves lot of time of the developer which would be otherwise spent on correcting the error once it entered the complete application. This also ensures that the final product is completely bug free and hence would please the client.