GrantUK's solar water heating even works on dull days

Solar Water Heating is one of the highly preferred sustainable and efficient water heating solutions that can significantly reduce the electricity bills and keep your house cozy.

Online PR News – 01-August-2010 – – GrantUK, a leading supplier and manufacturer providing efficient heating solutions across the UK, install solar water heating solution that can use sunlight to provide hot water and make it suitable to use for daily household activities. The solutions are eco-friendly that reduces the electricity bills dramatically.

Solar thermals are designed and developed to convert renewable energy to heat water and make it suitable to use. With the desire to go green, more and more people are opting for this emission cut technology because of its efficiencies and lowering the electricity bills.

The solar water heating systems depend not on direct sunlight but on radiation, and developed to work even on dull days. GrantUK has developed flatter and less obtrusive panels that are easily available in varied colours that can also enhance the look of the house in sync.

The other benefits of installing a solar water heating system are: reduction in the amount of fossil fuels used, harmful emissions and electricity bills. is a highly preferred heating specialist solution provider that has a team of trained engineers who can install the systems on the sloping roofs or flat roofs according to the necessity.

GrantUK offers solutions at highly competitive price. It also provide complete kit that comprise of the roof-mounting system, collectors, expansion vessel, pump station, solar fluid, solar controller and pipe connections.

The fluid used in the solar system withstands temperature excessive of 200ºC and also down to -25ºC. Solar heating solutions from GrantUk is environment friendly and cost effective heating solutions for the UK people.

About GrantUk: GrantUK is a long established supplier and manufacturer of effective heating solutions that also provide the service of expert engineers at highly competitive cost. The solutions are sustainable and also cost effective.