Akeso Therapeutics Releases its New Site

Akeso Therapeutics is proud to announce to its friends, customers and supporters the completion of its new internet site.

Online PR News – 31-July-2014 – Beverly Hills, California – The site, which was created by complying with the desires and recommendations of all the people who made the existence of Akeso Therapeutics possible as well as long established know how and technical expertise, is easier to use and navigate.

Living in a hectic world makes time something precious and invaluable, Colette knows this and the whole site was built around Colette's philosophy, which is reliant on successful communication with clients, making sure that the voice of the patient is heard, ease of access to information and navigation so that no time is wasted and what time is spent on the site is more informative and pleasurable.

The site makes it tremendously easier to make an appointment and acquaint yourself with testimonials of people who have previously used the services of Akeso Therapeutics. The site contains a Frequently Asked Questions section and a blog where you could read relevant articles about the topics.

In addition to all that the site is the place where you could download for free a copy of the E-book “How to Flourish in Today’s World” written by Colette Wildrin and Kevin Doherty.

Akeso Therapeutics offers 4 special programs aimed at people who we consider to be at risk and need of additional attention:

The Athlete's program

Athletes have specific physicals needs that require targeted attention. The Athletic Wellness Program includes a combination of acupuncture, structural bodywork, massage, herbs and supplements specific to the Athlete's needs.

Sobriety Assistance

Aimed at people who are struggling to overcome an addiction, the program uses the NADA protocol (a specific treatment known to support sobriety) and any combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, bodywork, supplements, or craniosacral therapy.

Motherly Love

This program is for those who have spent years focusing on their family, making sure that their children have had all the support they needed. Our Motherly Love Program can help nourish and restore your physical, emotional, and mental vitality by using any combination herbs, acupuncture, massage or bodywork.

The Distance Program

The Distance Program was created to give the opportunity of experiencing the benefit of the Akeso Therapeutics services to people who live outside the Los Angeles area. The program removes the impediments of geographical distances and allows to anyone who wants to improve his or hers well-being to do so.

For more information please visit: AkesoTherapeutics.com