Yulia Azkoul Recognized by High School in Venezuela for Success in Pharmaceutical Industry

Yulia Azkoul receives attention for her medical pursuits. Family and friends from her hometown in Venezuela honor her accomplishments.

Online PR News – 01-August-2014 – Chicago, IL – After living abroad since graduating high school several years ago, Yulia Azkoul is receiving recognition from her hometown for her accomplishments in the pharmaceutical world. Her family and friends say they are proud to see Yulia Azkoul making a name for herself and bringing positive attention to Venezuela.

After Yulia Azkoul graduated from high school in Venezuela, she moved to Syria to earn her bachelor’s degree. “That was a lonely time in my life,” Yulia Azkoul says, “because I was away from my family for the first time in my life.” But Yulia Azkoul was able to finish the challenging years, and earned her BA in Pharmacy from Syria.

because I was away from my family for the first time in my life.

Now Yulia Azkoul spends most of her time USA preparing to start her graduate studies. Yulia Azkoul hopes to complete a Pharm.D degree and has many plans on how she will contribute to the world after she finishes her studies.

One of her top priorities is women’s dermatology. Yulia Azkoul is interested in developing a compound medicine that will serve as an anti-aging skin care product. Yulia Azkoul hopes she can help revolutionize women’s skin care through the products she is capable of developing.

In addition to making strides in the medical community, Yulia Azkoul has cultivated an interest in travel and learning other cultures. She has traveled through Europe to visit cities like Milan, Italy, Dubai,UAE,. During her time in Syria, Yulia Azkoul enjoyed learning the history of the area and traveling to the Emirates.

Yulia Azkoul has a promising career and hopes to make global contributions towards better health. Yulia Azkoul cares about helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. “I am motivated to volunteer and support any healthcare campaign that is working to help people attain a brighter future,” Yulia Azkoul says. Her family and friends in Venezuela are proud of the way Yulia Azkoul cares about the world. Although they miss having her at home, they are excited to see how she will help people around the world.

Yulia Azkoul also helps other students who are pursuing higher . After her own studies for the NAPLEX FPGEE, she now spends time mentoring other students who need help preparing for their test. Yulia Azkoul works hard to stay up-to-date on current pharmaceutical progress. Her peers say Yulia Azkoul is an expert in identifying the most common pharmaceutical products based only on the texture and color. Yulia Azkoul impresses her peers with her dedication to her studies and her natural skills in pharmacy.

Yulia Azkoul holds a promising future in the pharmacy world, but she is not quick to forget her humble beginnings. From Venezuela to Syria and then to the United States, Yulia Azkoul has worked diligently to earn each piece of success. Her family and friends in Venezuela say they look forward to the day when Yulia Azkoul can bring her excellent pharmaceutical care back home and help the people in their city.

Yulia Azkoul will be working on several research projects and earning her Pharm.D degree. Yulia Azkoul is excited for the future and is ready to begin the next part of her journey in graduate school.