Ary Sarkar Celebrates Four Years of Success as Leader of the Arable Corporation

Ary Sarkar has been providing the best in biomedical technology research with the Arable Corporation since 2010.

Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – Palo Alto, CA – Ary Sarkar founded Arable Corporation in 2010, at the same time becoming the corporation’s CEO and Chairman. Ary Sarkar already had a reputation for being very successful with entrepreneurial ventures, and at first, Arable Corporation appeared no different from any of his other startups. It was a bit larger and Ary Sarkar had more experience under his belt when he founded the company, but those were the only major changes.

Ary Sarkar had spent a long time in biomedical science, information technology, and service before he founded Arable Corporation. Ary Sarkar had served in upper management positions at a number of companies, and had long proved his worth as a manager of technology companies. One of Ary Sarkar’s early management positions was as Vice President of Corporate Development at Ninaza, Inc. This job ended when Ninaza, Inc. was purchased by Octagon. Ary Sarkar’s new position was as Vice President of Global Strategy and Alliance at Octagon Research Solutions Inc. When Octagon was obtained by Accenture, Ary Sarkar decided to start his own company.

Biomedical science is a field that is underdeveloped and underutilized in today’s society, if only because people are unfamiliar with the term. Or, if they have heard of the term, they are unfamiliar with what it really means. In theory, it’s simple enough: biomedical technology is using technology and engineering to solve biological problems relating to health and disease.

Practically, biomedical technology might be seen in an X-ray machine, an ultrasound, imaging systems, and micro-implants. Each of these inventions or machines is an example of a mechanical, engineered object serving a medical purpose relating to the life sciences. The further biomedical technology advances, the more it will be able to help doctors and patients in a variety of ways.

At this moment, an MRI is used gain an image of a person’s entire body. This use of technology has many practical medical purposes. For example, an MRI can help to check for tumors, damaged nerves, muscles, or skeletal structure, skeletal abnormalities, and a huge variety of other issues. This technology allows doctors and other medical professionals to properly diagnose a person who is suffering from some sort of internal pain.

All of the other examples mentioned are equally strong evidence for how technology and engineering can be used in concert with biology and life sciences to improve a person’s quality of life. At Arable Corporation, the advances being made in biomedical technology are creative and some of the more groundbreaking innovations being made in the world today.

One of the goals of Arable Corporation and Ary Sarkar is to allow doctors and medical professionals to limit the amount of time and money spent on clinical trials and operations. Typical clinical affairs costs at a medical center could take up as much as 37% of the center’s research and development budget. If Arable Corporation were able to provide the tools and technology to conduct clinical operations and affairs for less money, the remaining money could be spent on researching and developing new drugs and new cures. Thus, the work being done by Ary Sarkar and the people at Arable Corporation is more important than many people realize.

About: Ary Sarkar is a talented entrepreneur and four-year leader of the Arable Corporation.