Jarret Reid Announces Upcoming Start of the WAHL 2014-2015 Season

Jarret Reid is excited about the upcoming WAHL season and wants to make sure that everyone knows how easy it is to be involved.

Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – Burlington, Ontario – Jarret Reid would like to announce that the Wave Adult Hockey League is getting ready to go. With the Season starting in the Middle of September and registration open now, it is time to get your team together and start practicing. With less than two months before the season starts, there is no time to lose.

The Wave Adult Hockey League is a Great league in Burlington Ontario. It is run by Dale Conacher and is hosted by Wave Hockey. Jarret Reid is part of the Wave Hockey team, and he knows that this league is a great way to spend some time with your friends all through the winter. The league will go from the middle of September until Late March.

Wave Hockey is also offering a great special. If a team has the yearly league dues, paid in full prior to the first game, then they will receive one hour of free ice time. The league has some great features including:

• Including the playoffs, 26 games are guaranteed for each team.
• You can see online Standings and schedules at any time from the league website.
• Leagues are available Sunday through Thursday and your team gets to choose the night you would like to play
• There are many leagues to be a part of including B, C1, C2, D1, D2, 35+ and 40+
• Quality Officials who are certified by Wave Hockey.
• Supplemental Insurance coverage is included with the cost of registration.
• A bar is overlooking both the Wave Twin Rink and the Wave Sports Rink, Both located in Burlington.
• And of course restaurant and bar incentives for all plus Great Prizes for Division Champs.

Team sizes are limited at 18 players plus two goalies. The cost of registration is $6283.19 +HST Per Team Entry. That means if you have your total of 20 players; it is less than $15 per night for each player. (6283.19 ÷ 20 players ÷ 26 guaranteed games = $12.08) That is a bargain. Ice time alone can often cost that or more so getting a chance to be a part of this great league is worth it.

In addition to the competitive leagues, there is also an opportunity for beginners and people who are not yet ready for the competitive leagues, to join an adult co-ed rookie league. The Wave Adult Rookie League (ARL) is a perfect opportunity for new players or players who enjoy the non-competitive and non-aggressive style of play.

The Adult Rookie League has been around since 2008 and has two sessions each year, the summer session and the Fall/Winter session. The Fall/Winter session is almost upon us and players are getting ready to go. These matches are held at the Wave Twin Rinks in Burlington Ontario and the Appleby Ice Centre in Burlington Ontario. They are a no contact, co-ed, social hockey league. The league plays Friday nights and is a great way for couples or anyone else to get out. The cost for registration is $424 + HST per person for the season and with 27 matches that works out to only $15.07 + HST Per person per night.

About: Jarret Reid is the Director of Power Skating and skill development at Wave Hockey, the host and organizer of the Wave Adult Hockey League.